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The Handy Free Image Editor is a nice Windows application that lets you crop and resize multiple images with a single click. Keeping all the original images intact, the app allows you to zoom in on specified areas, capture the region, or discard it completely. The core editing operations are as follows:
You can specify the location where you want to select the region to crop. From within the selection mode you have the option to zoom in or let the program automatically select the region of interest. 6add127376 mandwald

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The Plugin Indicator is an tiny, light and quite friendly tool that displays a toolbar on your desktop to show when plugins are installed and some information about them. It allows to uninstall, change or enable deactivated plugins.

AnkiClock is a clock that is able to show the current time in different forms.
All times can be changed individually, but you can also use the TimeX indicator plugin to control it.
It is designed to be a website backgroud so 6add127376 gabrragn

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