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Logon Assistant is a standalone utility with no dependencies and can be used with any version of Windows (95, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2008 or...).

Features * Tweaks for Logon: - Advanced Logon Time Scheduling: Choose the date and time you prefer for the logon (you can even arrange several logons on a particular date). - Secure your personal data: Screen saver does not unlock your computer after minutes if you forget to log off 50e0806aeb sanache

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The downside is its tiny size. Its small interface is limited to the main control panel, so accessing any option (e.g. the adjustment of volume levels) can be a real challenge. This makes the device a bit impractical in some situations.
We did not find any option to import music files or take images from the most recent stations.
The preset list is also basic, as it does not support custom channels. However, you can simply add a station to the main list 50e0806aeb reiliv

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This is done by the LFO triggering the NORMAL button of the corresponding MOD control port whenever the DEPTH control of the LFO port is 0.
Though not displayed here, when the depth is set to zero, CC Mod effecting a parameter will alter the depth if it is mapped to the same parameter.
There are a few extra features that can be configured in the module parameters, but which are not included in the CCLFO module. Audio 'LFO-ing' can be controlled via the OPT button, with the following options available:-
LFO=INPUT (simultaneous audio and l 50e0806aeb yudefarr

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