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Today, many people are trying to find their identity in this world. Some of us have tried to be what others wanted them to be, but that leads into frustration and sometimes an emptiness that can't really even be explained. And then there are the ones who try to live for themselves, let go of any expectations they may have had before coming into this world and just see where life takes them. That path leads you to knowing who you are without needing validation from anyone else or telling yourself that you need an escape from something when really, all along it was something inside of you asking not to be ignored anymore.

When I was in my late teens, I went through a lot of different phases of identity. My eighteenth birthday landed me hating the way I looked because people kept telling me that I was beautiful. Growing up with so many complexes about my appearance, it didn't take long for me to start taking care of all those things that made me want to run away from myself. And so, before I knew it, the person who had once loved who they were slowly became something else because they felt like they had to hide their identity in any way possible.

It's hard to explain what happens behind closed doors when you're consumed by all your flaws and worry about others liking or hating them. It's hard to explain what happens behind closed doors when you're consumed by all your flaws and worry about others liking or hating them. Even though I'd be lying to myself if I said I was always happy with the person in the mirror, and never found something in my reflection that was worth loving. But there were times in life where I really wanted nothing more than to listen to the voice in my head and never listen to hope for a different life.

When we were younger we looked up to our idols, but when we grew up, we forgot that they weren't always perfect, yet our idolization grew into something greater than just rubber-stamping someone's career because they were good at what they did. We forgot to be our own idols. I admired so many things in the world when I was a kid, but I never quite understood why I felt so conflicted when it came to my own self-worth until now–I wanted to be someone else to feel good about myself.

Because without a doubt, we all have to face these insecurities and the darkness that comes with being human. We all have our insecurities and even though we can't always admit them, we can't deny that they exist in every one of us.
I may not be where I want to be today, but the road here has been an emotional rollercoaster—which is what helped me find who I am today. So while I am still on this journey of self-discovery, I am writing this post because it's important to listen to the voice within that sometimes gets drowned out by life. It's important to live your life for yourself–and that doesn't mean ignoring what others have to say about you. But it also means standing up for yourself on your own terms. And perhaps more importantly, it means standing up for yourself on your own terms.

It isn't easy being different or trying to find who you are in a world where everyone has an opinion on how you should live your life.
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