A greater part of NBA 2K players I know are either going for profession mode

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As well as the Nintendo Switch gives players some fresh help on defense in addition to a variety of brand-new features in the huge selection of game modes NBA 2K Coins. It's been fun to play NBA 2K22 on both a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for more than two weeks. What are the results from 2K's new commitment to playing defense aren't all that great.

The changes in defense don't focus so much on the individual in the same way as the AI-controlled players. They're more effective at protecting the ballhandler. They'll work harder to get around screens and stay on their offensive counterpart. Computer-controlled defenders are better sticking to players who have the ball.

While in the NBA the fans are watching the court find out how many triples Steph Curry will rack up or the number of triple doubles Russell Westbrook will amass, it was the superstars of the past that served as foundation for what we see today.

GiveMeSport has already profiled the best players in the modern era by using NBA2K22. Now it's time to dive into the game's GOATs, A.K.A. the greatest of all time Buy NBA 2K22 MT. Here are the 10 highest-rated gamers NBA 2K22 has ever seen, and a little bit concerning what's making them distinct, based upon the game's statistics and ratings.