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folding stool chair

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This article sorts out all the camping chairs on the market, and divides the camping chairs into 5 categories for comparison and introduction, so that everyone can have a general understanding of camping chairs and clarify their choice direction.

1. Small bench

There are many types of outdoor small stools. In addition to the most common Maza, there are also various styles of folding stool designs.

2. Moon Chair

The moon chair should be the most comfortable chair to sit outdoors. Its biggest feature is its egg-shaped, arc-shaped seat surface, ergonomic design experience, comfortable and wrapping. No wonder some netizens commented that "go through Ge You's paralysis to the end".

3. Log Chair

The log chair is the best outdoor chair. The natural hand-made texture of wood is in harmony with the outdoors, and it is sturdy and stable. Of course, the wooden chair looks good, but it is far less lightweight than the alloy chair frame, and it is more suitable for self-driving camping.

Ordinary tables and chairs are used in combination with them. When choosing tables and chairs, you should consider the combination of the chair surface and the table, high chairs with high tables, and low chairs with low tables to avoid the embarrassment caused by uneven heights of tables and chairs.

Buying a folding stool chair is like camping itself, you don't have to force it to be in place once, we can gradually have different experiences and needs according to the number of camping times and the environment. Friends, if you want to start an outdoor camping life, you might as well buy a chair first, sit outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

folding stool chair