Lost Ark Guide - Lush Reed Island Recommend

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Posted 12 months ago in Gaming.

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Riva Tom

The Lost Ark has many islands for players to explore. Lush Reed Island is one of the most fun and exciting Lost Ark Islands of Adventure you can visit. RPGStash wants to introduce Lush Reed Island today. After players have a certain understanding of Lush Reed Island, you can't wait to explore it.

The Lost Ark has four virtues, which are Kindness, Charm, Wisdom, and Courage. To effectively add to all of these virtues, players must manage Virtues according to their character's level and power rating. The game features a number of quests where you'll earn rewards like Lost Ark Gold, and there's even a daily and weekly quest system for Una's quests.

Lush Reed Island in the Lost Ark

Collecting island tokens is one of the biggest joys players have in Lost Ark, and luckily, you can collect nearly a hundred of them. Every island is different, and all islands have specific requirements that must be met in order to earn Island Tokens.

Lost Ark Lush Reed Island is one of the game's ultimate islands of adventure. Before going to Lush Reed Island, you need to make sure you meet the requirements. The character you play needs to be level 50 and your item level must be 250. You can visit it and try to get collectible tokens from the island as your collectibles.

Getting to Lost Ark Lush Reed Island and getting all the rewards can be confusing to some players as to how to get to the island, how to get all the rewards it has to offer, and how to overcome its challenges. These questions are all fun for you to explore. RPGStash will also give you a guide to help beginner players enjoy the game better.

Lush Reed Island Location

Lush Reed Island is located north of Pleccia in Lost Ark. You can determine its location more easily by looking at the map. Players can only reach Adventure Island by boat within a specific time. All Islands of Adventure follow the schedule of Procyon's compass, and they are only open briefly during the week. You can view a list of available islands at any time by clicking on the compass located below the map.

Players are better off checking your Procyon's compass frequently to make sure the lush reed island is accessible and the time limit hasn't expired. Alternatively, you can set an in-game reminder to notify you when Lush Reed Island is available.

Location of Mokoko Seeds on Lush Reed Island

Mokoko Seeds is one of the collectibles in Lost Ark. There are currently 1210 mokoko seeds in Lost Ark. They reward your character based on the number of seeds you collect during your adventure.

Players can collect five of these mokoko seeds during their adventures on Lust Reed Island, and acquiring them has little difficulty. Of the five, two are located behind the easternmost gate on the map, to open this gate you need to use the song Forest Minuet. The remaining three are spread across the eastern edge of the map. Take a look at the image above for easy navigation.

PvP Quests and Rewards

The main mission of Lush Reed Island is PvP free matches, or Player versus Player. The game begins three minutes after the first player arrives on the island. The main objective of the quest is to get 1000 points, to which all players contribute.

The match/mission ends when 1000 points are reached. 10 points for a kill and 5 points for an assist. After the match, the top three players with the most kills/points will receive:

First prize

20,000 silver coins.
Reed Island treasure chest.

Second place reward

15000 silver.
Reed Island treasure chest.

Third place reward

10000 credits.
Reed Island Treasure Chest.

If you're worried you won't be able to play well, don't worry, as all participants will be rewarded with 2000 credits for their participation and, of course, a treasure chest. These rewards are not enough for ambitious players. Are you excited after watching RPGStash's introduction to Lush Reed Island? If you're exploring Lush Reed Island, don't miss a single detail.

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