Wales infection levels rise for six weeks in a row

Wales infection levels rise for six weeks in a row

Posted 11 months ago in News and Politics.

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Covid-19 infections are still rising, according to latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

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An estimated 183,500 people in Wales - or one in 17 people - had Covid in the week ending 6 July, which equates to 6% of the population.

That compares to 149,700 people in the week before and is the highest estimate since mid-April.

The trend has now been rising for six successive weeks.

The number of hospital patients testing positive for Covid is continuing to rise, although there are signs that this increase is slowing down.

There are still high numbers of these patients in hospital to be treated for other conditions - while nearly half have caught Covid while in hospital.

Numbers in critical care or on ventilation with Covid are up slightly on the week but are half the peak in January.

Hospitals continue to be busy - the bed occupancy rate in acute wards has hit a record 94.7% in the last couple of days.

The number of patients testing positive for Covid in hospital beds in Wales has averaged 709 per day over the past week - an 11% rise on a week ago but this increase is starting to slow down, according to Digital Health and Care Wales figures.

These numbers are the highest since late April and are reflecting a recent rise in community infections.

But most - 86% on average - continue to be "incidental" Covid patients, who happen to test positive in hospital but are not actively being treated for the virus.

Only 119 (19%) of confirmed Covid patients in acute beds on 14 July were being primarily treated for the virus, with 503 patients in hospital being treated for other conditions.

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