What is the main Road of Lament for the Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark has some Abyssal Dungeons,Road of Lament is one of them.

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Lost Ark has some Abyssal Dungeons, each of which will challenge the player's skills and your team's ability to work together. Road of Lament is one of them, and it's the first of the under the greater Ark of Arrogance dungeon as the second tier of unlocked content. Road of Lament is part of Yorn's main questline, through which players can Buy Lost Ark Gold or lucrative rewards.

You need to meet three simple requirements to enter the Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon: First, the player needs to be level 30; Items; finally, your item level needs to be 840 or above.

Road of Lament has two bosses that can be taken down, the key is that both of them have powerful attacks that could wipe out your team if you're not careful. Lost Ark Gold, Tier 2 trinkets, engravings, and card packs can be awarded if you pass this task, but if your item level is too high, you will receive diminishing rewards.

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