In the last update of NBA 2K23

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Posted 1 year ago in Gaming.

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NBA 2K23 2K MT released brand new, Iced Out Packs that are free this week, so you will have the opportunity to create a stronger team. One of these Packs are available to be determined by chance, while the other requires luck.You just need to complete an obstacle in the game in order to win one of the packs. The only method that is reliable. The task is not too difficult and I think that most players will be able to finish it, but when it comes to the challenge you'll need the top dunker within your team, as well as some experience to succeed. When you have dunk 3 times with a player, the game will end and you will be able to open the free Iced Out Packs.

The other option is straightforward but contains this uncertainty. Just enter the newly released locker code: "MyTEAM-ICED-OUT-Packs," and you can get a free reward randomly. How often you will receive rewards for your players depends on the luck of the draw. For more locker codes, please log in to OUT Packs reward players:Jimmy ButlerJulius Erving - NBA75 CardBill Russell - NBA75 CardPaul Arizin - NBA75 CardBadge owned by Julius ErvingFinishingShootingPlaymakingDefensivePersonalityThe best player in this package is Julius Erving. Comparing to other playing cards, he sports an impressive shooting badge and is an excellent scorer on the court.

In the last update of NBA 2K23. the badges' attributes were adjusted. One badge that were upgraded is the Intimidator badge which is used by the central power forwards of the team as well as centers.The latest change makes the Intimidator badge irresistible and it could take your best players to a new level. The badge allows the massive large man to cover greater areas, increases the player's Block, Lateral Fastness, Interior Defense, and Perimeter Defense attributes. If you'd like to be an outstanding inside defender, this badge should be worn.

Following the game's update the system has changed the badge of intimidator, making it applicable to all jump shots , except dunks and layups. If you've installed it, you're able to apply its skill to deter the jumper  NBA 2K MT your opponent. It's not just going to decrease the rate at which shooters succeed offensive players but also boost your shooting defensive level when you are defending.If you are a defensive player, it will be easier for you to be the leading force.