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"Clang!" The sound of the collision between the spear head and the steel knife called back Jingshao's reason.

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"Clang!" The sound of the collision between the spear head and the steel knife called back Jingshao's reason. The movement of the spear paused for a moment. Jingshao looked up at him. "Ah," he roared up to the sky and jumped high. The silver spear split on the stake and split it apart. Silver gun fell to the ground, gurgling blood dripping down Jingshao's fingers on the ground, mixed with the rain, quickly turned pale red. Mu Hanzhang ran over and picked up his right hand. The tiger's mouth was cracked and blood blisters appeared on his palm. He took out his handkerchief from his sleeve and pressed the bleeding wound. Jing Shao looked up at the sky, and the rain fell in his eyes and down his cheeks. Jun Qing.. They killed their mother. My mother.. Jing Shao said softly, his voice was not loud, like a murmur, but Mu Hanzhang heard it clearly. Exhausted Jing Shao slipped and fell to the ground. Mu Hanzhang squatted down and slowly held him in his arms: "Shao.." What's going on? "Jun Qing.." Jun Qing.. Jing Shao buried his face on his shoulder. Today, his brother listened to his plan and was glad to find that his brother had finally grown up. He told him something he had never told him before, including the real cause of death of Queen yuan. The author has something to say: thanks to "Geng is my Ferris wheel", "like water agreement", "not Ling" adult mines ~ (3) Chapter 16 lack of money. In the yard for an hour of rain, Jingshao did not speak or move, Mu Hanzhang quietly accompanied him, holding him sitting in the rain for an hour, waiting for him to calm down, then dragged him into the room to bathe and change clothes. Although the other courtyard was used by Jingshao to train troops, it was a royal courtyard after all, with all the things it should have, and there were hot springs and living water. There was a large hot spring pool in the main courtyard of Jingshao, but because it rained,Concealed Flush Valve, it could not be washed in the open air, so it soaked in the small pool in the house to dispel the cold. Achoo! Mu Hanzhang coaxed Jingshao to drink a bowl of ginger soup, but he sneezed. You drink a bowl, too. Jing Shao handed him the ginger soup, and he took a cloth towel to wipe his hair. Then he remembered that Jun Qing was not in good health. He had been frozen when he was a child. Although the spring rain was not cold, most people would get sick if they sat in the rain for an hour, let alone him. Thinking of this, he hurriedly pushed Mu Hanzhang to soak in the hot spring for a while. I am in good health,Service Sink Faucets, "saw the intention of Jingshao, Mu Hanzhang Guaner way," before kneeling in the rain for three hours will not get sick, not to mention... " Seeing that Jing Shao's face had changed, Mu Hanzhang realized that he had spilled the beans again and hurriedly pulled him to bed. Because it was built for rest and fun, the bed in the other courtyard was much wider than that in the palace. Jing Shao climbed into the bed twice and lay down beside Mu Hanzhang, with a faint anger in his eyes: "Why?" "At that time, the nurse made a mistake. In order to protect the nurse," Mu Hanzhang leaned on the big pillow at the head of the bed and bandaged the wound on his hand with the cloth and medicine he had just found. "Isn't it normal for a child to kneel?" At that time, the nurse's son was caught stealing things from the house, and the lady wanted to drive the mother and son out. When he fell into the lake, it was the nurse who took care of him without taking off her clothes that saved his life. Her wife didn't give her a way out. In the final analysis, she didn't like him as a concubine. She knelt down for three hours, but the grandmother could not bear to watch, so she saved the nurse and her son, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,stainless steel squatting pan, but drove them to Chuang Tzu. When Jing Shao heard this, he smiled bitterly at the corners of his mouth and said, "Yes, I've been kneeling in front of the Qinzheng Hall for a day and a night." Mu Hanzhang covered the people around him with a quilt, slid down, supported his head with one hand, and lay on his side looking at him: "One day and one night?" King Cheng is an orthodox legitimate son, but is he unhappy in the palace? "At that time I insisted on going to the barracks, the father said that if I can kneel in front of the Qinzheng Palace for twelve hours, let me go," Jing Shao laughed at himself, "without the protection of his mother, I and my brother in the palace are not as good as the big prince who loves Ji Sheng, I just want to lead the troops, to hold the military power, to kill all these people who bully me!" Mu Hanzhang frowned, put his hand on Jingshao's head and stroked it gently, but did not speak. The gentle touch made Jingshao squint comfortably and take a deep breath. What he smelled was the faint fragrance on Junqing's body, which gradually calmed down his manic mood: "When I was a child, my mother would personally make small clothes for me, and also make a particularly delicious osmanthus cake. I broke her favorite orchid, and she beat me. Before I cried, she cried first, hugging me and asking me if it hurt.." As he spoke, Jing Shao's eyes moistened. Men don't shed tears easily, just because they haven't reached the sad place. A strong man like Jingshao is more and more distressed when he sheds tears. Mu Hanzhang looked at such Jingshao, only to feel great pity, slowly bowed his head, and dropped a kiss between his frowning eyebrows. Jing Shao opened his eyes to look at him, turned over and buried his face in Mu Hanzhang's chest, fearing that he would see himself in a mess. Mu Hanzhang lay down, hugged him, and gently stroked him behind his back, like a wounded animal, over and over again. Jingshao, exhausted, gradually fell asleep in such a beautiful touch. 'Xiao Shao, you're going to have a brother or sister. ' 'Even With younger brothers and sisters, Xiao Shaoer is still the mother's favorite child. ' It's red! There's a big red! ' Who is screaming in the confusion of figures? Where is the queen mother? 'Shao, don't be afraid, it's all right, it's all over. ' Whose voice is so pleasant to hear, the blood-red scene in front of him gradually dispersed, leaving only a gentle face, handsome and matchless people smiling at him in the cool spring rain. The nightmare never appeared again, and there was only peace in the dense dream. The next day, when Jingshao woke up, the person who had comforted him all night had not yet woken up. He looked up at the man's quiet sleeping face and remembered the gentle kiss last night. Although he only kissed his eyebrows,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, it made him jump for joy. Slowly close to the past, in that there is a faint blue shadow of the eyes of the fall of a kiss. Mu Hanzhang slowly opened his eyes and saw a handsome face close at hand. He was in a trance for a moment before he woke up: "Wang Ye.." "As I said, don't call me Wang Ye in private. Punish me one at a time." Jing Shao kissed him heavily on the lips discontentedly. cnkexin.com

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