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With a strange roar, he turned his body and suddenly turned behind Zhan Mengbai.

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With a strange roar, he turned his body and suddenly turned behind Zhan Mengbai. "Where are you going to escape with this move?" He said with a laugh. In a short sentence, he clapped five hands in succession. Zhan Mengbai suddenly turned around and hit five fists like a rainstorm. The fists were all real. He fought hard and did not dodge. He met the five fists that came to the other side! Just listen to a burst of fists and palms, like a string of dull thunder, shocking ears drum! The disciples of Shaolin and Wudang, who were hanging upside down on the wall, were all secretly frightened when they saw that after these five moves, Zhan Mengbai would be unable to support himself? Knowing that the white-haired monster had been shaken back half a step by the wind of Zhanmeng's white fist, his ferocious eyes showed a bloodshot root. With a sharp shout, he clapped out five palms again! He only thought that when Zhan Mengbai saw his fierce style of boxing, he would not dare to fight with him, so he only used five palms and only three real forces. Zhan Mengbai, who knew he was full of courage, fought with people all his life. He had been afraid from Zhu, but he fought hard and attacked five fists! Anger and murder rose in his heart at the same time. For the second time, he clapped his five palms with all his strength. In the whistling sound of the wind, he said in a harsh voice, "Try taking my five palms again!" "Just try," said Zhan Mengbai. Before the words were finished, there were five sounds like lightning. Zhan Mengbai felt a shock in his body. He turned over three Dendrobium buckets in the air and jumped down behind the fire. The blue-shirted Taoist beside the fire could not help saying softly, "You must not be the enemy of this monster. You'd better take advantage of the gap and run away." "Thank you, Taoist," said Zhan Mengbai. "The entrance to the Valley of the Kings is in.." said the Blue-shirted Taoist. He only thought that Zhan Mengbai really wanted to escape,plastic bulk containers, so he deliberately spoke to divide the mind of the white-haired monster. Before he had finished speaking, Zhan Mengbai jumped over the fire and shouted, "Old monster, you can also try my five moves!" Suddenly, I saw that his hands were fists and palms, his moves were strong and soft, his palms and fists were flying all over the sky, and in an instant he had already made five moves! The second of these five moves is the boxing path of "Tiandaoren", the second move is taught by "Emperor Valley Lord",euro plastic pallet, and the third move is his own mastery. The white-haired monster was in a daze and said, "Good boy, good moves. Where did you learn them?" Words, hands have clapped five hands! "Good move," said Zhan Mengbai. "I'll show you again." When he saw the mistreatment of the four Shaolin and Wudang disciples, he was already filled with anger. His moves were not only strange, but also fierce. White-haired monster eyes fixed on his palm, see the move, see the broken style, although it is also a strong move, but the body is as smooth and dexterous as a snake! Zhan Mengbai thought to himself, "I'm only a master of martial arts in the world. Apart from Xiao and Lan, there's no one else, but suddenly such a monster comes out!" Although he already knew that he was not the enemy of this monster, he had no intention of shrinking back in his heart. He combined the moves of the Lan and Xiao families and fought with all his strength. His moves are false and true, sometimes hard and sometimes soft. The more he fights, plastic pallet manufacturer ,wholesale plastic pallet, the more strange and unpredictable he is. The monster is even more wonderful in martial arts, which is rare in the world! Disciples of Shaolin and Wudang looked at him in a soul-stirring way. They were stunned. Although they were disciples of famous families, they had never seen such a move. For a moment, they forgot the pain of hanging upside down! w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m Chapter 23 love and hatred without intestines Big. Learn . Sheng . Small . Say the net In an instant, the two of them made dozens of moves. Zhan Mengbai secretly thought, "This monster is not inferior to the Lord of the Valley of Emperors. It seems to be superior to Mr. Lan. But in my eyes, I always feel that he is no match for Mr. Lan and the Lord of the Valley of Emperors. What is this for?" Thinking, the right palm to the monster's left arm straight down, the monster to the left side, not waiting for him to make another move, a punch from the bottom up. Zhan Mengbai bent his elbows and bowed, cutting and beating, turning his wrists to "twist and cut with gold wire", five fingers like hooks and claws, slanting to catch each other's wrist veins. Both of their moves are offensive and defensive, and the point is closed. Although only two people fight each other, the fist wind and palm shadow are like dozens of people fighting. In a twinkling of an eye, dozens of strokes passed. Zhan Mengbai suddenly thought, "Yes, although this monster is highly skilled in martial arts, it lacks the wisdom of the" Lord of the Valley of Emperors "in its moves, and it does not have the strong righteousness of Mr. Lan Da. Therefore, no matter how strong his martial arts are, he can never be the opponent of both of them. Just as no matter how much wealth the nouveau riche has, he can never compare with the rich and powerful spirit of the aristocratic family. No matter how high the arrogance of the nouveau riche is When he saw the children of the aristocratic family, he had to retreat for three minutes. He was gifted with the ability to learn martial arts, and his views on martial arts were also very incisive. As soon as he read this, he immediately put down some worries. The two men flashed and gradually retreated to the fire. Suddenly, the blue-shirted Taoist beside the fire said in a deep voice, "It seems that this monster must be the great enemy of Mr. Lan and the Lord of the Valley of the Kings. Be careful, brother!" "What does the Taoist mean by that?" Asked Zhan Mengbai, who had not yet noticed it. "Little Shaggy," said the white-haired monster angrily, "I'll kill you if you have more." Zhan Mengbai stepped in front of the blue-shirted Taoist and did not move an inch. "This monster seems to have seen Brother Tai's martial arts," said the Taoist in Blue Shirt. "It was passed on by Mr. Lan Da and the Lord of the Valley of Emperors, so he has never killed anyone." Zhan Mengbai suddenly said, "He wants to take a look at the actual situation of the martial arts of the two predecessors from me first, and then when he fights with them, he will know in his heart, won't he?" Before the blue-shirted Taoist could answer, the white-haired monster snapped, "Not bad!" Zhan Mengbai laughed wildly and said, "You haven't been able to fight with me for a long time. Those two seniors are a thousand times better than me in martial arts. If you want to fight with them, aren't you dreaming?" The white-haired monster hissed, "For decades, I've been practicing martial arts against the two of them. Don't you believe I can't defeat them?" Zhan Mengbai wondered, "How could this monster have enmity with" Mr. Lan "and" Lord of the Valley of the Emperors "at the same time? What is his origin?"! Mind turn, but harsh way: "You practice ten years, is not the opponent." "Fart!" The white-haired monster said angrily. In the sound of shouting, his fist suddenly changed. The more his body changed, the more strange and fast it was. The more his fist changed,heavy duty plastic pallet, the more heavy and fierce it was. After ten strokes, he immediately took the lead. I saw Zhan Mengbai's figure, which seemed to be in the shadow of his fist.

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