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Xu Le's injuries were not all right, but he no longer needed 24-hour intensive care. Those

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Xu Le's injuries were not all right, but he no longer needed 24-hour intensive care. Those unnecessary medical equipment had already left his hospital bed. Experts from the General Hospital of the First Military Region also confirmed that his epilepsy was caused by external pressure. Non-source epilepsy, abnormal discharge of the cerebral cortex, would not cause substantial damage to his body and brain. So he moved out of the ward and into a quieter nursing home at the back of the General Hospital. The living facilities here are more complete, and the hot springs are steaming among the green trees. If it is not summer in the southern hemisphere at this time, maybe he really has the idea of going down to soak. And the TV in the room, there is no medical control, all channels open, but Xu Le still habitually only watch news channels and channels, he is not a person who cares about federal affairs, but after escaping from the Donglin region, these bizarre encounters, let him not care. That night, he saw the news of the crash of the spaceship flying from Hong Kong's Xinze Air Airport. To be exact, it was the crash of the empty transfer capsule. Xu Le's eyes shrank slightly, his fingers forced slightly, staring at the clear light screen, looking at the names and photos of the passengers that gradually flashed out. Zhang Xiaomeng, female. Xu Le only heard these four words, saw the picture of the girl with a serious expression and black-framed glasses on the TV,tube lip gloss, and then his brain buzzed, and he could no longer hear any sound. The news anchor's slightly mournful voice was automatically silenced, and the picture on the screen began to blur gradually, without black-framed glasses. Eyebrows and smiling eyes, as lovely and charming as elves.. This is Zhang Xiaomeng, the real Zhang Xiaomeng's appearance, the news, the photos,cosmetic plastic tube, are all fake. Xu Le rubbed his eyes, turned off the TV, lay on the bed, covered the quilt, shrank up, and began to sleep. Although he couldn't sleep, he still began to fall asleep. His eyes were wide open and his body trembled slightly. Suddenly, he felt that the temperature in the southern hemisphere of the planet was so low. Sleepless in the middle of the night, his mood is like a sad song. He sat up in silence, turned on the TV again, connected to the federal network, and entered the official website of the General Aviation Administration to start inquiring. Constantly refreshing the page, I do not know how many times to confirm, check how many times, cosmetic tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, he was a little numb to remove his fingers, limp lying on the bed, staring at the snow-white ceiling began to stay. At this time, how he wished everything he saw in his eyes was like those structural drawings. They are all pictures from their own minds, not real ones. But staring at the snow-white ceiling for a long time, there is no picture in front of us, the original. Get some sleep. It can't make the sad news that we heard before become false. The next day, Xu Le woke up on time according to his biological clock, brushed his teeth and washed his face. Have breakfast and then walk into the quiet garden in the morning light. Sitting on the slightly cold stone chair, the buttocks did not have, with that kind of strange posture, squatting uncle taught him the horse step, while carefully and attentively tasting, remembering the trembling in the body, the track of the existence and movement of the sour. The shiver of slight heat represents the mysterious power. It has broken through the area where it ran in Donglin District and gradually occupied his whole body, prompting each pair of muscle fibers to rub against each other and squeeze each other, which is extremely painful and pleasant. However, the bitterness was in his heart and in his lips for a long time, which made him want to vomit. His face was a little white, his eye sockets were a little deep, but his small eyes were a little deep. In the surrounding woods, there were several bodyguards from the Black Hawk Security Company. He was bored and looked at the surrounding environment. Now the situation has calmed down, and their task is not as heavy as it was a few days ago. They just don't understand that Xu Le's walk today seems to be longer than the other day. Xu Le stayed in this quiet garden until noon. Then he said to the staff of his family. Under the protection of several bodyguards, he walked out of the convalescent area and went to a steak house in the living area of the First Military Region. He began to eat Chinese food. Before the meal, he handed the waiter a bill and asked one thing softly. The knife and fork gently scratched the delicate appearance of the synthetic steak, and Xu Le lowered his head and slowly chewed the very uniform meat fibers, never looking up. Because he did not dare to look up, he knew that when he looked up, he could see that the seat opposite was empty. He and Zhang Xiaomeng had eaten together many times in the canteen, and he was deeply grateful to the girl, who had never left under the gaze of those strange eyes because he was an auditor and looked like a poor concierge. The first time he and Zhang Xiaomeng had a formal date was to eat steak at a restaurant in Linhai. He was deeply grateful to that girl for giving him the first heart, the first kiss, the first intimacy, and the first love in his life. Even if it was charity, it was the best charity in the world. The waiter came up to him, hiding his doubts, and handed him a bag of biscuits. After Xu Le thanked him, he tore open the biscuit bag, took out the puppy biscuit inside, and began to stare at it. He and Zhang Xiaomeng first met because of a bag of dog biscuits. Xu Le began to eat biscuits, and tears could not stop flowing down. After the uncle died, he had vowed that he would never cry again, but today, I don't know why, I just couldn't help it. I always felt empty and sour in my heart, as if there would never be anything to fill that empty space again. Maybe it was from last night's news of Zhang Xiaomeng's death to this morning's stay in the morning garden. Has been hidden for too long,plastic laminated tube, stimulating his tear ducts. A well-dressed young man wept silently in a busy restaurant. This is the living area of the First Military Region. There are many soldiers in civilian clothes or military uniforms and their families and friends. Many people look at the young man in tears by the window in surprise, with sympathy or contempt. They thought the young man was crying because he was lovelorn, but they didn't know that the young man thought he had lost his lover forever.