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It was often a joke between friends, but at this moment, Xiao Zitang's heart was in a panic

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It was often a joke between friends, but at this moment, Xiao Zitang's heart was in a panic, and he quickly denied, "No!"! Don't talk nonsense! Xia Zhi was stunned, "so nervous." No, you're really. Xiao Zitang steadied his mood and adjusted his tone. "Come on, what's the matter?" "There's a temple fair today. Let's go to worship the old moon." Said, Xia Zhi lowered his voice, "Wang Wanwei is lovelorn, she asked us to accompany her to worship the old moon, just as you and I are single, go to worship." Xiao Zitang looked at Liao Cangyi, who was staring at him discontentedly, and hesitated, "go to the temple fair." Hearing this, Liao Cangyi frowned, his handsome face tightened, and kept shaking his head at her, motioning her to refuse quickly. Looking at him, Xiao Zitang's mouth said in a low voice, "where will that be and." Sitting on the bed.. Liao Cangyi immediately stood up. , rushed over to grab the phone, Xiao Zitang hurriedly ran out, listened to Xia Zhi said the meeting place, hurriedly said,akba boswellic acid, "that's it, I'll pack up and go right away!" Say that finish, before Liao Cangyi rushed up quickly hung up the phone. Looking at this disobedient little woman, Liao Cangyi trembled with anger, clasped her shoulders with both hands, and roared, "Don't go!"! Are you going to leave me alone at home? "I've promised my friend." Xiao Zitang looked at him. "If you don't feel well, take the medicine. I'll put it in the drawer.". ## "You're not going, you hear me?" Liao Cangyi knocked on the door angrily. Before he broke in, Xiao Zitang,phycocyanin spirulina, who had changed his clothes, hurriedly opened the door and escaped by mistake. Xiao Zitang! You dare to go! Liao Cangyi looked at her back and roared. Stopping, Xiao Zitang was dissatisfied with his bad tone and looked back at him with a frown. For a moment, the two men confronted each other in the living room, and neither of them would give in. The atmosphere became stifling. Compromise sigh, Liao Cangyi went up, hugged her waist, gentle tone with a plea, "accompany me." His tone gave her a dull pain in her heart. Slowly untie his arm, helpless, "you don't do this, I also want to have my own life." If we stick together every day, won't it speed up the fading of our feelings? With an injured look, Liao Cangyi's jaw tightened, his eyebrows curled with thick anger, and he let go of Xiao Zitang in an instant and looked at her coldly. His coldness made her heart sour, and at the same time she could not help being angry. She glanced at him and turned to walk out of the gate. Coming out of the house, Xiao Zitang had been walking bitterly to the place where he had made an appointment with his friends. Although he tried to restrain the impulse to think of that person, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,lutein eye complex, he walked all the way, and Liao Cangyi's injured eyes kept coming out of his mind. Rubbing his forehead with chagrin, Xiao Zitang shook his head and drove him out of his mind, saying in his mouth, "Don't you just go for a walk with your friends?"! It's not a heinous crime. Why do you make it like this? Seeing Xia Zhi and Wang Wanwei from a distance, she walked quickly over and threw herself into the arms of two friends, so free that she briefly forgot the annoying guy. At the temple fair, it was really a sea of people. Summer weaving in front of the road, kept running around, looking for fresh. Xiao Zitang accompanied Wang Wanwei, who was depressed, to follow slowly behind. Said to be lovelorn, in fact, Wang Wanwei dumped the man-roughly because she disliked a small department manager who had no ambition and thought his days were too long. If it were someone else, she and Xia Zhi would unanimously accuse this woman of being too realistic-but if this woman is Wang Wanwei, they can accept it. The beauty of a woman is a universal passport, which can take you unimpeded in the dead corner of the truth. After strolling around the crowded temple fair, the three of them went straight to the Old Moon Temple to burn incense. Because Xiao Zitang's brother is married, Xia Zhi is now looking forward to a period of good luck in love to add a touch of brightness to her gloomy mood, and so is Wang Wanwei, who has just been lovelorn. Looking at the two men kneeling piously on the futon and praying silently, Xiao Zitang stood silently all the time. Worship the moon, what do you want to say? Pray that she and Liao Cangyi's feelings are getting better and better, love is stronger than gold, the seas run dry and the rocks crumble? No, no, no, she doesn't! Or do you want to pray that she and Liao Cangyi break up early and go their own way? After thinking about it, she still stood on one side with many contradictions, and never went over to worship the old man holding the red line under the moon. The three of them had lunch together and walked around the temples in the mid-level mountains. It was almost three o'clock in the afternoon. Not knowing whether the guy had eaten or not, Xiao Zitang looked at the two friends who were still not satisfied, thought about it, and he had no intention of staying any longer, so he casually found an excuse to leave first. When I got home, it was half past three. Pushing open the door, Xiao Zitang's heart was a little nervous. Walking into the living room, I saw a tall figure lying on the sofa, arms hanging on the ground, a half-dead look. Walking over, Xiao Zitang looked at the man who had closed his eyes and listened to his shallow breathing, knowing that he had not actually gone to sleep. After thinking about it, her voice softened unconsciously. "Have you eaten yet?" Looking at him still motionless and not answering, Xiao Zitang patted his stomach with his hand, "Does it still hurt?" Still not moving, Xiao Zitang knew he was still angry, squatted down, took out a red rope from his pocket, tied a small white lucky cat on it, and shook it at him, "I bought you a gift.." Liao Cangyi finally opened his eyes and looked at the clumsy cat. In the heart secretly murmur, as expected is the woman who has the esthetic barrier. Looking at his face of disgust, Xiao Zitang was a little annoyed and stood up, "just forget it!" Say, raise your hand to throw away. Liao Cangyi knew that when two people quarreled, only he was soft, and it was no good for him to pretend any more. Hurriedly grabbed Xiao Zitang, grabbed the bracelet,best green coffee bean extract, and wrapped it around his wrist, "who said no!"! This is the first time you've given me a gift! Looking at him holding the lucky cat bracelet that was extremely incongruous with his temperament, Xiao Zitang suppressed his laughter and reached out to tie it to him.