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Yin Jue, if you dare to mess up, I will kill you. Incorrect. Almost, she can wake up. If he wakes up

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Yin Jue, if you dare to mess up, I will kill you. Incorrect. Almost, she can wake up. If he wakes up, he won't do anything! He stared blankly and suddenly opened his eyes blankly. Here again.. Every day I wake up here. Yin Jue's eyes darkened slightly. "Fragrance.." she said. Ruan Suixin pretended to be surprised and said, "You are.." Jue? Yes, it's me. I came to see you. "You actually came to see me." "I promised you." "Are you going to take me back?" "Well, I'll take you back." "Then.." Let's go! Ruan Suixin sat up from the bed and made a gesture to get out of bed. But Yin Jue said, "Don't worry.." It's not too late to leave after dinner. So there is something wrong with the dinner! My mother is so cooperative, testing you, I want to go with you, but you still don't go. It seems, is not to make her memory really no, is not willing to stop ah! If you don't lose your memory during the day, you will lose it at night. Isn't that enough! Ruan Suixin looked at a loss and said, "Good.." Yin Jue's eyes darkened, and she was about to grab her hand and pull it into her arms for an intimate hug. But Ruan Suixin dodged without any trace. He sat down on the bed and returned to the head of the bed. Then he pulled the quilt over himself and wrapped himself all over, revealing only one thing outside. He looked at Yin Jue carefully and said, "I'm so scared.." Every night,socket screw plug, that's the only way There will be a sense of security. So you, don't think I have no memory, just want to do something to me, you are worse than a beast. Yin Jue frowned and said, "I'll protect you. Don't be afraid." Ruan Suixin pretended to shake his head in grief and said, "I don't know.." I don't remember anything. My mind is blank. I'm afraid. I'm so strange to everything. I don't know what to do. "Fool.." With me, I will protect you well. You don't need to do anything now. Just eat and sleep obediently. "Good.." Yin Jue sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at her with soft eyes. "Fragrance.." she said. You don't remember anything. It doesn't matter. I'll tell you. Ruan Suixin said blankly,Investment casting parts, "Well, I also want to know what kind of person I am." Yin Jue said softly, "Your name is Liu Xiang. This year.." Nineteen years old, you are a very kind, very loyal girl. Because she was nineteen years old the year she met Li Liuxiang. Do I only have a first name and no last name? Or is my last name, Liu? You don't have a last name. Because you have no family. You're an orphan. Ruan Suixin pretended to be lost and lowered his eyes, looking very disappointed. It's kind of like that. Yin Jue, almost a little suspicious, did not get up. The whole time she was in her hands. Ever since we met, I've fallen in love with you at first sight, and I've been thinking about you ever since. But you are engaged to my brother. When I went there, I even added the story of Li Liuxiang to her memory in a different way. The mind is really dirty! Yin Jue suddenly leaned forward and stretched out her hands to her, holding her shoulders through the quilt. Her eyes revealed a serious light: "Flowing fragrance.." You tell me, non standard fasteners ,deep draw stamping, you don't like others, eyes, heart only me. You're the size of your mother! Ruan Suixin is sick to death. In the quilt, I couldn't help getting goose bumps all over my body. Fortunately, I was wise enough to cover myself with the quilt, otherwise I would have seen the flaw because of goose bumps. Chapter 1284 fight on both sides ~! "Who is your brother?" Ruan Suixin asked blankly. "It doesn't matter who he is. What matters is that you like me, don't you?" Do I have to say I like you so that you can go on! Then I'll.. I.. I don't know Pretend to be flustered and shake your head. Anyway, I have lost my memory and I don't know anything. Can you help me? Yin Jue frowned and said, "Flowing incense, say.." You like me, and you only have eyes for me! At this moment, what Yin Jue saw in her eyes seemed to be another person. Silence is in a state of obsession. Ruan Suixin endured the feeling of vomiting and said abruptly, "I like you." I only have eyes for you. You want to disgust me, fine! Wait for me for a while, double for you to go back! Now start laying the groundwork.. Yin Jue, only feel, body and mind are happy to, just want to, with the immediate sweetheart, one. He was about to get up and lift Ruan Suixin's quilt. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. "Come in," said Yin Jue, frowning. Immediately, two men dressed as black-clad bodyguards came in, pushing the dining car. A sumptuous dinner was served on the table in the room. "" Flowing incense, come down for dinner, "said Yin Jue gently. Ruan Suixin shook his head and said, "I'm not hungry.." Mom, please don't ask me to eat. The green Lily is not here. I don't have the ability to tell what is poisonous and what is not poisonous. Resolutely do not amnesia, resolutely, do not forget my glass baby! Never! "Be good, will you eat with me? I haven't eaten yet." "But I really don't want to eat. I feel full and I'm not hungry at all." That's because you ate. Yin Jue's eyes darkened and she said to herself, "If you don't want to eat, just come and eat with me. It's boring to eat alone." That's what you said! Ruan Suixin lowered his eyes and said, "All right.." Then he lifted the quilt, got out of bed, wore slippers, and sat down at the table with Yin Jue. Sit in an opposite pattern. Yin Jue picked up the tableware and began to eat gracefully, while talking to her about her so-called past. And the capital, at the moment, Yin Jue's villa outside, lurking a large number of unknown people. "None of these people can be found by them. Otherwise, once the alarm is sounded,Stainless steel foundry, people will keep rushing here," said Yin Liuli and Fu Li in the dark. "Yes, Lord!" 。