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How.. Hey, hey. Do you feel that when you exercise, your mind will start to come up with many wonderful things?

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How.. Hey, hey. Do you feel that when you exercise, your mind will start to come up with many wonderful things? Picture? You.. Ew. You treat me.. Do you play tricks? Huo Xiangtian trembled and vomited the water. Of course he knew. The Hmong people, especially the witch doctors among the Hmong, are best at saving people with poisons; likewise, they are also expert Control people by bewitching things and raising ghosts. You're not too stupid.. It's not in vain to be the husband of a saint. Hey, hey. But, you know.. What on earth am I doing in your head? You're going to.. Gollum. To kill.. Then kill!.. Um. Goo Goo.. Huo Xiangtian knows that there are ancient Strange dare not forcibly exercise again, but if you do not exercise resistance, the mouth and mouth of the boiling hot but can almost tongue. The head and throat were boiled away. This kind of trick is my newly nursed ghost head.. Hee Hee. With the blood of your Central Plains whores. …… The carefully concocted'Tomb Man Ghost '.. The so-called tomb ghost, that is, the soul was collected in the ghost altar of the ghost is not completely dead, his three souls have One soul was taken away by the next head division, so it became a tool like a walking corpse, and the body not only changed Become a dead slave controlled by the headmaster, and on the other hand, the headmaster can also use one of the things he was taken away. A soul comes to harm others. Head and raising ghosts have always been the secret art of the Miao people in the frontier, but the honest head teacher has never been able to do it. Keep the living "tomb ghost",car radiator cap, because it will be great for the body that is still alive in the world but has lost its soul. A great loss of life. Because this way of raising ghosts only takes away one of the souls of people, it is necessary to take away many different souls of people. Single souls are also fused together, the more souls fused, the stronger the effect will be, but the ghost of one soul will only protect. One of the holder's "obsessions" and "bad roots", such as greed, jealousy,car radiator cap, lust, etc. And be under People will be affected by these deep-rooted bad habits at the same time when they are driven by evil. This is a cruel and cruel extreme practice, but raising ghosts itself is an extreme that should not exist. It's just, in some people, it gets more intense. For you.. I have collected a total of thirteen of the most negative female spirits in the whole world, these people and ghosts. Although the spirit body is not necessarily one of the most famous prostitutes in the world, but these thirteen women. But it will definitely be. The most lascivious woman in the world.. Miao Yi's heart seems to have some kind of completely morbid idea, he does not use the evil of female prostitution in Zhu Fengdan. But she put such a thing on her husband, a handsome man. So extreme A weird way to do it. It's really puzzling. He smiled sorrowfully and lewdly, these female spirits that he had painstakingly collected. Can be said to be the whole world again. Also can not find, can not find the extremely licentious spirit, perhaps it should be said that these women are becoming for him. The body of the body will become more unable to extricate themselves from the promiscuity after the ghosts of the people. Under the influence of such a combination of three souls and two phases, the extreme evil raised by such a "tomb ghost" will be The most promiscuous poison in the world, alloy die casting ,CNC machining parts, even if the person who is bewitched is a stone girl with three chastity and five strong, as long as she passes through the first teacher When the casting of traction, no matter how strong, will gradually mind by the influence of magic, slowly become For an incorrigible whoremonger. Huo Xiangtian felt inexplicably afraid in his heart, these thirteen female souls. What exactly is the purpose? And? How to say he is also a man of indomitable spirit, is a respectable decent family, with this. The insidious, promiscuous female spirit is evil to deal with him, as if. It is too inconsistent with common sense. Can it be said that.. Doctor Miao, the psychopathic eunuch, was thinking about what else A conspiracy? "You.." Huo Xiangtian didn't know what a ghost was at all, and his mouth was already trembling with pain. If you don't exercise to resist, your mouth and tongue will become hot and necrotic, so it will be. Regardless of many, he managed to concentrate and use his strength to try to stir up the inexplicable boiling water like slime. Just when Huo Xiangtian wanted to spit out the boiling water in his cavity to Miao Yi in an attempt to make a final counterattack, he was surprised. I found that the weight of the boiling water seemed to be beyond my imagination, and I couldn't spit it out, but if the hot water flowed into my throat. If you don't stop it quickly before, maybe the throat will be cooked by boiling water, and then it will become a lifetime. A useless person who can't speak and can only eat liquid food. Huo Xiangtian did not think carefully, hurriedly to do not turn his head, but the head was unable to move, so non-stop. Boiling water trickled into his mouth, so he had to open his mouth wide and let it flow out naturally, and there was no poison in the cavity. Ghost catalysis, can not stop the illusion in the brain, one mind wants to keep the last trace of moisture, can not let their throat. Burn it down. You have a lot of backbone and can endure pain, don't you? My lovely Huo Lang.. Miao Yi seems to be boiling water. The position was fixed, and the gurgling trickle rolled straight into Huo Xiangtian's mouth, a burst of Yin, a burst of danger. The tone of the abnormal eunuch makes people have to be cautious and fearful of this invisible Miao. "This is a small column of water that asks you to wait and not disturb my'medical use ', Hee Hee.." In half an hour. After that, I will let you have the most unexpected wonderful body. The evil doctor still uses a voice that is neither male nor female. Said, tone, there seems to be some unexpected surprise. Waiting for Huo Xiangtian step by step. Step in. "Ew.." Ew. Throat.. Huo Xiangtian could hardly resist the ferocious heat of poisonous water, mouthful by mouthful Mouth, can only carry their own immortal magic. But in the brain, there is no way to resist the rendering and confusion. Slutty fragments of evil thoughts.. The second chapter, poison leech jade Xiao, the punishment of Meng Niang's creation. I don't know how long it took for the vicious boiling water to stop,DIN screw plug, and Huo Xiangtian, who kept breaking out in his mind, was in pain. autoparts-dx.com

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