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But in any case, Kui also knew that it was the'maritime school 'that wanted to trouble him

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But in any case, Kui also knew that it was the'maritime school 'that wanted to trouble him, and for such a school, Kui really didn't take it seriously. Feng Neng chance happened to control Ji Mei, now Ji Mei restored for repair, the first to kill is Feng Neng, he did not have to start. But he also did not dare to sweep the divine consciousness to the next room, even if his'Sansheng Jue 'went against the sky again, facing a monk who built a perfect foundation, it was also a floating cloud. He poured a cup of tea and sat down. He knew that if Ji Mei really built a perfect foundation, he would probably be regarded as guilty if he ran away now. In case of being caught, Ji Mei will definitely kill him. In this case, it is better to sit down and face, no matter how to say, there is no hatred between himself and her. Thinking of this, he hid all his true elements, but if someone looked at them with divine consciousness. That's just a common congenital postnatal period. Sure enough, he didn't sit long before he felt a divine consciousness sweeping in, apparently checking his condition. Although as if nothing had happened, there were still some doubts in his heart that this divine consciousness was at most the divine consciousness of practicing Qi perfectly. Why did Ji Mei say she was Jiedan? Or did she say that on purpose to make herself afraid? The next moment,Steel investment casting, the room was knocked. With a deep sigh. What goes around comes around. He got up to open the room and let Jimei come in. Although he did not sweep Ji Mei with divine consciousness, he already knew that Ji Mei's cultivation had been completely restored. He frowned when he saw him. Ji Mei smiled and said, "Thank you, sir, for these days. I shouldn't have bothered him so late, but I'm leaving.". I can't come to serve the master in the future, so I came to say hello to the master. Kui breathed a sigh of relief, and it seemed that Ji Mei had no intention of falling out. After waiting for a while,die cast light housing, he saw that he had no intention of letting himself go at dawn, nor did he express any doubts because of his sudden strange words. This makes Ji Mei a little calm, she suddenly said again: "Sir, what do you think of my appearance?" Kui was stupefied for a moment. He didn't know what Ji Mei meant, but he said, "You are very beautiful." "Oh." Ji Mei smiled meaningfully. Then some charming said: "But I heard that the master is very lascivious, since the master thinks I am very beautiful, why not let accompany you..." With a sneer, he knew that Ji Mei wanted to find a reason to do it. He said to himself, "No wonder Brother Fu doesn't want you to follow him. It's only been a few days, and you've shown your true colors.". I guess I was chased and beaten that day. You're the one in disguise, too. However, even if I am very lustful, I have no interest in your cheap appearance. Now that he was ready to tear his face, metal stamping parts ,Magnetic Drain Plug, he had no intention of compromising a woman. This woman seduced him. I guess it's just to find a reason to kill. Can not help but think of the small rhyme, small rhyme to his kind of true feelings of tenderness. Ji Mei is a woman who can't disguise herself no matter how she disguises herself. Even if a few days ago she did not resume repair, that kind of maid's expression, also always let him have a kind of awkward feeling. Also, there is only one small rhyme in the world, how can Ji Mei compare with her? After listening to her words, Ji Mei froze for a moment, and her face immediately showed anger, but it was strange that her anger soon dissipated. Ji Mei suddenly sighed and said, "I heard that you became a beauty in anger and killed countless masters. You are a lascivious person. Now it seems that the rumor is really not credible.". Yes, I was coerced a few days ago, but it was true that I was chased and beaten that day, and that person really paid for me. You and Fu Wu are good people, and you can kill so many congenital top masters with a congenital late stage, which shows that your martial arts talent is very high. Ji Mei said here, suddenly stretched out his hand to hit a fireball, light said: "Although you repair for good, but if I want to kill you now, just between the hands.". But for the sake of being an honest man, I'll forgive you once. Then the fireball in Ji Mei's hand suddenly went out and landed on the tea table in front of him. The tea table was immediately surrounded by a flame and began to burn. When he saw the fireball, he knew in his heart that he really overestimated the woman, and that the fireball was far inferior to his fireball. This woman must only be the peak of Qi training, not the peak of foundation building. And she said that Jiedan didn't mean to say that, there must be other reasons. He looked at the fireball and said with a constant sneer, "I never want to be spared. I control my own life." A peak of Qi training, Kui has not been taken seriously, if this woman dares to start, he does not mind killing her immediately. Ji Mei suddenly chuckled, "it is said that men with a little skill all love smelly fart and want to save face. Now it seems that this is the case.". But I said I would spare you, and I will spare you. Give you a word, it is better to be modest. Otherwise, sometimes you don't know how to die. You're lucky to meet me in a good mood today. Say that finish, Ji Mei dodged out of the room, almost in an instant disappeared in front of his eyes. Kui sneers, he is sure that this Ji Mei is a grass team background, although practice to practice Qi Dzogchen, but a lot of Xiuzhen things do not understand. He remembered the cultivator he had met at the South Pole. He said he was from Xingjia Mountain. The woman also said she was from Xingjia Mountain. Could it be that they were together? No, the man said that it was his younger martial brother, not a woman, who discovered Xiuzhen Cave Mansion with him. One thing is for sure, although this woman knows more than the realist she met at the South Pole, there are also many things she doesn't understand. Kui did not continue to think, since the matter has nothing to do with him, he did not need to stay in this town. He stepped on the flying sword and disappeared into the night sky like a meteor through the window. Ji Mei just came to the roof, seems to remember something,titanium machining parts, the next moment she came to the room. But she just came to the room was stunned, just still, how this disappeared in a twinkling of an eye.