Burn the sky

When the little thief saw the towering demon king, he suddenly released this wave of ferocity.

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When the little thief saw the towering demon king, he suddenly released this wave of ferocity. Although it was more ferocious than the giant God who had just condensed countless ferocious thoughts, it still showed the attitude of the demon king who refused to do it himself. Chen Qi Heiran smiled and did not use magic, but with the real body of King Kong, with a plain punch and kick, he scattered any evil intentions hidden in the turbulent waves. Chong Tianwang does not seem to want to change the tactics, just want to hold Chen Qi, only this torrent of ferocious cohesion, endless rush to kill. Chen Qichong killed for a long time, I do not know how much to break the evil, but still can not break through this torrent, then can not bear to get up, the black coffin flew out of the dirty, the black coffin sent out boundless force to swallow, immediately this evil condensation of the waves, are taken up, said little. Three hundred and six, the demon city moves, the boy is evil. The towering demon king has been suppressed by the black coffin of ten thousand filth. He is a giant God of evil thoughts. He has long been on guard against Chen Qi's magic weapon. When he saw that Chen Qi had released the black coffin again, he suddenly condensed the boundless ferocity and turned it into a precious sword that seemed to be black as ink and light as smoke. On this precious sword, there seemed to be thousands of ferocious beasts roaring,plastic pallet suppliers, and I don't know how many ferocious ideas came out, and they went straight to the black coffin. Chen Qi felt a shock in his heart, but he knew that although the dirty black coffin was ferocious, most of its power was hidden in the dirty black lotus, five eyes and the demon dragon netherworld, which was not the door of the black coffin. His Taishang Hua Long Jue is no more than the realm of the third layer of induction of Qi refining. This filthy black coffin is no more than the third-order instrument of the twenty-seven prohibitions. Its own quality is not enough to resist this precious sword with boundless ferocity. The dirty black coffin was not originally used to fight hard, Chen Qiyi shouted, the demon dragon netherworld immediately flew out,ibc spill pallet, turned into a netherworld demon stick, and intercepted the fierce sword head-on. This stick and knife fought in midair, and immediately sent out a huge rumbling earthquake. Every time they fought hard, it was a shock like the collapse of the sky. Chen Qi didn't know if the demon king had any other means, so he planned to strike first. He patted the black coffin, and his five eyes flew out and turned into a five-eyed evil knife. He bypassed the fierce sword and the afterlife demon stick that were fighting in the air, and ran directly to the interior of the city. Although the essence of the five eyes is not like the demon dragon netherworld, it is a spiritual thing generated by heaven and earth, but after all, it is also the king insect left by the ancient immortals, and it has the cultivation of the sixth layer of alchemy. After being polluted by Chen Qi with the nether world fire curse, its magic power has become more sophisticated. What's more, as soon as it flew out of the black coffin, it was a main knife rainbow, collapsible pallet bin ,collapsible pallet box, with two pairs of knife rainbows. Chen Qi could cover up the true face of the nether world fire curse. Therefore, the main two pairs of three knife rainbows were all colorful and dazzling. The supernatural power of the five eyes itself and the great array of the two realms and the ten directions of the Vajra fetus are combined into one, turning into innumerable multicolored circles of light, which rotate rapidly around the three knife rainbows, and even the atmosphere is split and exploded into innumerable pieces. Chong Tianwang also did not expect that this "Qingcheng disciple" actually had so many means, and each means was so fierce. Can only forcibly extract the idea of countless demon soldiers in the city, and turn into a rainbow, and stop the five eyes of the five eyes of the evil knife. The rainbow and the five-eyed evil knife fought hard for a few minutes, although they were slightly at a disadvantage, but they also surprised Chen Qi. This little thief originally thought that the world's golden elixir Dacheng generation, is a few. This Chong Heavenly King is at most the top of the refining Gang, at most some strange magic, practice to a more profound realm. Even the netherworld demon stick and the ferocious sword fight hard, Chen Qi also did not how to urge, but five eyes can also be stopped by the other side, this little thief can be a little worried. This fellow is not already the generation of Jindan Dacheng? How is that possible? But if he hadn't refined the golden elixir, how could he resist the light of the five eyes? Although the five eyes were originally beyond the realm of Taoism, they were not as powerful as the demon dragon in the afterlife because of their insufficient magic power. But when Chen Qi used the fire curse of the nether world to refine the king insect, the five eyes were extraordinary. Even if the knife light of the king insect was not sharp enough, the power of Tao was there after all. There should be no difficulty in holding down the opponent at a lower level. Since the five eyes can not suppress the opponent, it is representative that the magic power of the King of Heaven is extraordinary, but I am afraid it has gone beyond the realm of the fifth level of Qi refining. Where in the world are there so many old monsters? I met Ye Fashan in the ancient immortal cave mansion. Is this Chong Tianwang not an ordinary person? Chen Qi was a little incredulous. The little thief had a ferocious temper. In addition, he had been practicing more and more recently, and had several powerful means. Although he guessed that the King of Heaven might be the king of the demons in Jindan Dacheng, he was still fearless. He shook his body, and the fire crow robe on his body, together with the original fire crow refined by himself, flew out 144 fire arrows and went straight to the city. This time, the king of the city, can have no means to intercept, can only roar, opened the ban in the city, all the monsters in the city are released, immediately overwhelming, a dark one, I do not know how many monsters rushed into the sky. Chen Qi didn't know how many monsters there were in the city, but when he looked around, there were at least a thousand of them. They were already flying in the air. He couldn't help but be shocked. He wondered, "Where did so many evil monsters come from?"? Even if the demon king is immortal, he can't receive so much, and his magic power is so strong. In the face of so many kinds of monsters, although Chen Qi thought he still had a lot of means, he didn't dare to bump into them. He just spread out the foot of the lotus God step by step, and the golden lotus blossomed step by step. In an instant, he withdrew from more than ten small caves. The five eyes and the demon dragon's afterlife, which fought with the King of Heaven, also got rid of their opponents and turned into streamers. Chong Tianwang did not chase this time,collapsible bulk containers, but accepted the evil intentions and thoughts, and still released the ban on the city, allowing many monsters to act on their own. binpallet.com

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