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Already guessed the matter, after Jin Xichen's own admission, her heartbeat is still missing a beat.

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Already guessed the matter, after Jin Xichen's own admission, her heartbeat is still missing a beat. Qi Nuanxin did not know what to say, but at the same time felt confused. Why did Jin Xichen say she finally recognized him? Did they know each other before? About the story of Qi Nuan and Jin Xicheng, the author really did not describe it in detail. If we really knew each other before, it means that Jin Xichen's personality has already come out. There should be no intersection between the original owner and Jin Xicheng before, right? Qi Nuan could not believe that Jin Xicheng seemed to be joking with her. Unsure to confirm to him again, "are you really Jin Xichen?"? Instead of Jin Xicheng? "Mmm." “……” What the hell happened in the middle of this! She wants to go home. Qi Nuan was so flustered that he broke away from Jin Xichen's embrace. "Jin Xichen, let me calm down." "What needs to be calm? I'm Jin Xichen. What are you unhappy about?" Jin Xichen's face darkened, and Feng's eyes narrowed slightly, staring at Qi Nuan's face. Qi Nuan's heart is completely out of order now, she is not only unhappy, she is almost crying. When did Jin Xicheng separate? How many times did he come out? This is totally different from the plot written by the author. Qi Nuan's mind was in a mess, and her silence seemed to Jin Xichen to be acquiescence. Jin Xichen more and more angry, "with Qin Sinian things, I have not come to you, you are not happy I do not come out, do you like that Jin Xicheng?" Jin Xichen is very angry, he cares about Qi Nuan, to any man close to Qi Nuan,stainless steel 304 pipes, will be on guard, will be jealous. Qin Sinian is her ex-boyfriend, and Jin Xicheng is another person who occupies his body. Jin Xichen was full of vinegar, but Qi Nuan raised his head blankly, "I.." "Why did Qin Sinian grab you at the door of the bathroom and not let go?" How did she know that Qin Sinian was like crazy and had been holding on to it. What did he say to you? “……” What did Qin Sinian say to her? Of course it's the old things. These words are absolutely not to be said. Her intuition told her that if she spoke honestly, Jin Xichen would be angry. But the problem is that Jin Xichen basically heard it. Especially Qin Sinian's ex-boyfriend, which made him want to break his bones angrily. Qi Nuan peeked at Jin Xicheng's face,side impact door beams, nervously twisted his clothes, pursed his lips and did not speak. After peeking at Jin Xichen, she quickly lowered her head again, looking like a student who had done something wrong and dared not face the teacher's punishment. Jin Xichen glanced at her and asked, "Did you still have contact after you broke up?" Qi Nuan shook his head violently, "No." After the original owner dumped Qin Sinian, Qin Sinian went directly back to the Lu family, and soon went abroad to study, and the two broke off contact. Later, the original owner looked at Jin Xicheng's appearance and wealth, and designed to marry him. After she answered, she thought about it and added, "I've lost my memory, and I really can't remember what happened before." She looked at him with a sincere expression, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, hoping that Jin Xichen would believe in herself. Jin Xicheng sneered, "but he still seems to have ideas about you, and you don't have any other ideas about it?" Qi Nuan shook his head violently and repeatedly denied, "No, no, he has an idea. That's his business. It has nothing to do with me. I can't let him change his mind." At this time, we should show our sincerity to Jin Xichen. Qi Nuan said earnestly, "I really don't like him." "Who do you like?" "I.." Qi Nuan looked at Jin Xichen's dangerous eyes, subconsciously, and answered in a trembling voice, "Husband, I like you!" "Really? Why didn't I see it at all?" This person, how to learn to find fault! In order to save his own life, Qi Nuan wrapped his dog legs around Jin Xichen's arm and looked at him affectionately, "Husband, you have to believe that I love you." “……” As long as Jin Xichen listens to her confession, whether true or false, she will be inexplicably soft-hearted, "will you stay with me obediently?" Qi Nuan immediately thought of the divorce agreement in the drawer, and she nodded without hesitation, "Yes.". ” Jin Xichen laughed twice, laughing at Qi Nuan's heart, and did not know if he had believed it. When Qi Nuan was frightened and wanted to say something more, Jin Xichen suddenly let go of her hand and said, "Go to take a bath." “……” Is it that simple to let her go? There's no other conspiracy behind this, is there? For example, after taking a shower, you have to talk to her? Pupils suddenly dilated, Qi Nuan looked up at him in more panic, the latter looked at his eyes full of meaning, more like to verify her guess. Suddenly, she had a bad feeling that she was going to be eaten up. When Jin Xichen saw her standing still, her eyes swept over. "Why, do you want to take a bath with me tonight?" "I don't mind washing it again?" Mandarin duck bath? Qi Nuan suddenly blushed, "No, I can wash it myself." The voice fell, and Qi Nuan rushed into the bathroom. Qi Nuan closed the door with a bang and locked it by the way, and then he settled down a little. Then she paced back and forth in a panic. Originally wanted to take advantage of Jin Xicheng did not fine points of the premise of divorce, but now a bad thing happened. What's she gonna do? If he asks for a divorce at this time, will he kill himself directly? Qi Nuan dawdled in the bathroom for a long time before he came out. Jin Xichen was lying in bed, waiting for her to sleep with him. Qi Nuan just took a bath, and the skin water was steamed by hot water. Tender and red 。 Jin Xichen patted the bedside, and Qi Nuan's face turned even redder. I wanted to ask her if she could sleep with Hanbao tonight, but when the words came to her lips, she was beaten back by Jin Xichen's eyes. Accept one's fate and climb up. Bed Lie on the edge of the bed. Super big bed,beam impact tubes, the distance between two people is too far, I wish I could lie down several Hanbao. Jin Xichen usually sleeps with people in his arms, and he is naturally dissatisfied with this.