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Tang Li sighed "I think if this is really what Wu Changjin said I can't absolve myself of the blame

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Tang Li sighed "I think if this is really what Wu Changjin said I can't absolve myself of the blame If I hadn't teased him that day he would have hated me for my father and the Ye family Moreover if it hadn't been for the Song Mansion Wu Changjin would not have jumped over the wall and done such an unconscionable thing There are causes and effects in the world but it is my sin to investigate" Ye Zhihong said "Sister Tang is such a transparent person How can she be confused Everything has its cause and effect and there are good Electronic Chemicals and evil Since he has malice in his heart he will do evil things not because of you If he has a good heart he will never do such a harmful thing" Tang Li thought for a moment and said with a smile "It was just me I couldn't figure it out for a while and got into a dead end Thanks to my elder brother" Ye Zhihong said "It's a rare honor for me to be able to untie Sister Tang" Two people look at each other a smile but at the same time think of Yuezhou relatives and can not help but some worry Chapter 197 isolation first Thinking about the situation of Yuezhou he spent the rest of the time on the road except for the necessary supplies Fortunately he had a smooth journey and raised his sails However he entered the Yuezhou dock in half a month (Search for the fastest and best update network of novels every day) Spring is the season when all things recover and flourish and Yuezhou according to the convenience of the terrain connects the north and the south is a waterway fortress coupled with rich products especially since last year Zhu Po Long has become a treasure of Yuezhou from three evils in one fell swoop a rare commodity to buy and sell Zhu Po Long skin fur merchants in an endless stream as well as tea merchants bamboo art workshop operated by Jimin Hall in Zhushan County Also has some reputation only come to Yuezhou merchants will go to see even if not stock will also take some back to the family has become a major specialty of Zhushan County Before I came I heard Chang Rong say that it was not the season yet After a few days when the weather was warm all the passenger ships going south and north would dock in Yuezhou When the time came I asked the waiter to take the finished products made by the bamboo art workshop to the wharf to set up a stall not to sell them but to let those businessmen in the north and south know that there was a bamboo art workshop in Zhushan County At that time Tangli sincerely admired Chang Rong's business mind This man is a businessman in heaven These methods are applicable to modern times thousands of years later It can be seen that business mind is an innate talent and talent is not divided into times But no one expected that there would be a plague The Yuezhou wharf which was supposed to be bustling was a scene of depression Even if there were passenger ships they would not dock in Yuezhou for fear of catching the plague There were only a few Liba carrying sacks on the wharf leaning against one side and looking longingly at the endless lake with dull eyes Although had been expected but so depressed also let a person can't help but sad in addition to these several such as the work of Liba is to meet the officials the first one is Song Liangcheng but is a month Song adult as if a lot of haggard Yuezhou suddenly plague even if he as an inspector can't stay out of it this is a glory all glory a loss all loss Song Liangcheng is behind Wu Changjin GlobalChemMall Tangli slightly squinted Wu Changjin is also a face of fatigue the past white fat skin black a few colors people seem to have lost several circles from the appearance looks completely a worry about the people's hard work If as he guessed this man was really an actor he had long been suspicious but could not see any flaws Song Liangcheng probably did not expect that Tangli would follow the official ship to Yuezhou He was stunned for a moment and said hello with a smile "Your aunt was still talking about it yesterday I don't know when you will see her again The things you asked her to do are all ready" He was discussing with me whether to send it to Beijing but he didn't want you to come back So you can go to the house to get it yourself and just talk to your aunt She is stuffy in the house all day now and often complains that there is no one to talk to With a few words from Song Liangcheng Tangli knew that the bamboo weaving workshop was not very good Although the bamboo weaving workshop belonged to Jimin Hall it was in the hands of Mrs Song One was Mrs Song's interest and the other was to help the people of Zhushan County make a profit killing two birds with one stone When Tangli left the operation of the bamboo weaving workshop was extremely prosperous and Mrs Song was also very busy She spent very little time at home but now she is very bored It can be seen that there is nothing to do in the bamboo weaving workshop Song Liangcheng these words handed over sounds like home but also indirectly told Tangli the situation of Zhushan County Tangli secretly sighed now the real difficulty must be Chang Rong Chang master JiMinTang is his single-handedly led if the management of the good Chang family can not get much benefit but if the management is not good Chang Rong this person in charge has to take responsibility earned no benefit Lost but want to use their own money to fill the hole Chang master is a businessman this loss-making business I'm afraid I've never done it in my life maybe I should find a time to go to Chang's house after all Chang Rong promised to take charge of Jimin Hall at the beginning because Paints and Coatings of himself there is no reason for people to do good deeds but also let people lose money Even if you can't raise money for a while at least you have to say that you can't be so muddleheaded After all Master Chang is not a sucker But these things need to be behind the most important thing is the plague think of this Tangli was about to ask Song Liangcheng gave a wink Tangli did not open his mouth Song Liangcheng looked at the imperial physicians behind him and said with a smile "These are the imperial physicians It's not a loss of benevolence to come to Yuezhou at such a time Thank you for the people of Yuezhou" But the imperial physicians snorted "We don't deserve what Lord Song said How dare we quack doctors call us benevolent and benevolent It's just a waste of the court's salary and rice It's not as good as the miraculous doctors in Yuezhou They can cure the flesh and bones of the dead Speaking of it we came to Yuezhou just to go through the motions There are small leaf miraculous doctors here How can we need quack doctors like us" This remark is extremely mean and it really doesn't take face into account at all These doctors have long been honest with Tangli but because Ye Zhihong and Jiang Xuan are not good at saying anything they have been holding back all the way and now they finally catch the opportunity naturally they will not let go The secret way in the heart you are not able now Yuezhou has a plague how to need us such a quack globalchemmall.com