The most disappointing team this season mut 23

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Yet, credit is due for the Ravens. They made the choice to alter their entire offense about Lamar Jackson and his abilities. It worked Mut 23 coins. They danced. It's all you need for. They were able to play to their strengths -- their defense. Can't fault them for that. Their defense will cause them to be a tough opponent in the playoffs.

The most disappointing team this season -- the Minnesota Vikings

We've observed that winning windows for Madden NFL 23. Madden NFL 23 aren't huge and close quickly. The Vikings made Kirk Cousins $84 million to benefit from the window and it was a disaster. I appreciated the signing in the moment, having been aware of that there were some of Cousins' weaknesses, such as losing big games often. On Sunday, in the most important game of the season in which the Vikings offense failed to produce again. All the Vikings had to do was win at home. Of course, it was against the Bears who took home the division. But, this is the reason why Cousins was named. To win the game.

Mike Zimmer fired their OC about a month ago and was considered an indication that their play calling was problematic. I'm beginning to think Mike Zimmer is the issue. They've had multiple offensive coordinators during the last couple of years that isn't ideal. One of them was elevated to head coach in New York, but Turner was fired mid-season, and John DeFilippo was fired this season. There's way too much dysfunction on the other team and it's due to Zimmer would like to run ball, even with an ineffective offensive line.

The Vikings are blessed with great receivers who should pass more often than running. I hope Mike Zimmer has an awakening in the offseason to the type of offense he's required to run madden 23 coins buy, especially when paired with a highly priced quarterback.