How do New World factions work?

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In the New World, three factions vie for control of Aeterneum. Players can choose between Covenant, Mauraders or Syndicate. It's worth mentioning that each server has a different dynamic when it comes to which faction controls which area, which has some bearing on player choice. Join one of Aeternum's three warring parties to experience the event.

Novice players need to go from the shipwreck to the small village, to the novice level 1 to 25 area. Each region has four starting regions, and each region has its own main city. It depends on the composition of players on each server. Novice players must know that New World Coins is the main type of currency that players develop in the game.

When the character reaches level 10, the player will get a quest called "Commitment to the Cause" from the NPC in the town center, which requires the player to conduct relevant research and align with the new world faction. This NPC is not a faction representative, but has the title of mayor, and is considered one of the leaders of the settlement. Complete simple tasks.

Everfall: The most northerly location and also the furthest inland, this shipwreck had to come pretty deep into the fjord before washing up on the beach. The settlement is close to the middle of the zone. The quest NPC here is named Balian Clark.
First Light: The zone on the southeastern point of Aeternum is a likely place for shipwrecks. The settlement is close to the water to the west of the starting point. Players can talk to Sylvia Oakes to get the quest.
Monarch Bluffs: The zone south of Everfall shares a border with the same fjord, but has more water access. The starting point is just downhill from the settlement. Urbanus Bixford is the quest NPC.
Windward: This zone is north of First Light and has much smaller access to the beach, but it's enough for a shipwreck. The settlement is nearby at the top of a hill. The Magistrate here is Deepti Korrapati.

Can players change factions?

After joining a faction, if you make a mistake or want to join another faction for other reasons, it is also possible. Here's how it works: Use the "K" key to open the character screen, then open the "Bio" tab. This screen lists basic information about the character, including the company they belong to, any titles they have earned, and their faction.

Before joining another faction, the player must complete a different set of start-up missions at a specific location, which is noted in the "Choose a faction" screen. This is not used to change a character's faction, but to give them the information they need to start the process.

What is a control point?

Fort is the faction control point for the area. The map shows who controls which forts, and which forts are up for grabs. The more players from one faction in a fort, the faster that faction will take over the fort and, if they succeed, eventually take over the area. In order to enter the fort, players must be marked for PvP, which can be easily toggled on and off with the "u" key.

The exact territory each New World faction controls is always changing, and a player's membership in a faction also determines their ability to fish, farm, or hunt in those areas. This means that Aetereum will look different on every server in the new world, so a player's choice of faction will largely depend on the chosen server.

Members of the ruling faction gain a 5% XP boost when leveling up and a 20% Influence boost within the territory. This is similar to "reputation farming", a common experience in other MMO games such as World of Warcraft. In the new world, players can also earn special items, rewards, and other quests by making friends in high places.

In order for players to make a difference in the faction, they must make themselves powerful and rich. Only by having sufficient Gold and upgrading stronger equipment can you win more forts. If you are still in a hurry to Farming Gold, then you can choose to Buy New World Coins from to quickly complete capital accumulation.

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