Good advice for makeup beginners

If you are lucky enough to read this article, you are lucky. You can avoid detours and not waste too much time. After all, this is a youth meal. Without the experience of seniors, newcomers are too easy to be fooled.

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I have been a makeup artist for three years. At the beginning, I was also confused. I didn’t know where to start. I chose the wrong makeup training institution. It was my wrong start. Because of ignorance, because I was young, I thought too much about the future. Too simple, a year wasted because of the wrong choice
I didn't intend to write this article, but it seems that many newcomer makeup artists really have many makeup questions and have no way to start in this area, and I have also suffered from this area. I write this article. I hope everyone can think carefully before doing it. this line
First of all, let me talk about a question that everyone is particularly concerned about. If a novice wants to do makeup, should he first go to a photo studio to learn makeup as an assistant, or go to a makeup school to learn makeup? Every time I open Zhihu, all the questions are pushed to me,
Let me talk about the content of the assistant's work first. If you don't want to read it, you can skip this paragraph.To solve the common makeup questions in this article.
I also wanted to study as an assistant in a photo studio at the beginning, but my sister’s friend happened to be a makeup artist. She told me not to go to a photo studio. Although it’s free to study as an assistant in a photo studio, the teacher won’t teach you so carefully. Practice hard on your own, and the teacher will have reservations. What can be taught to you are superficial things, such as perming hair, simple male makeup, or when taking a family portrait, let you draw it, and most studios The make-up artists are older, and their techniques are relatively old-fashioned. To be honest, the studio style is really not good-looking. Clothes, and hanging the clothes back, don’t underestimate this job, it’s really tiring, especially for wedding shoots, the wedding dresses you choose are heavy, taking them down and hanging them up, it’s very tiring, and there’s also the outdoor scene, You are a tool man, change clothes, get props, and pack clothes
, Help the makeup artist, perm the hair,.To solve daily makeup questions with useful tips in good tutorial.
Act as a photography assistant for photographers, take reflectors, spread skirts, etc.,
Change clothes for guests, etc.,
Generally, when you go out on location, you leave early and return late, because the shooting base you are going to is usually quite far away, and it is tiring to take a van.
Therefore, being an assistant is purely doing more miscellaneous work and less learning. It is not recommended to be an assistant to learn makeup.It is important to have some good tutorial to get hard makeup questions solved.
Next, let’s talk about going to a training institution to study. This is more recommended. Generally, you can study for 2 to 3 months. This is for those who want to work in studios or photo studios in the future.
If you want to be a makeup artist with the crew, the study time will be longer,
Here begins to talk about the answers of makeup questions.
Here I want to remind everyone that many private training institutions and small make-up studios will hold beauty classes, but the teaching level of the teachers is uneven. Don't try to be close, don't try to be cheap, and don't listen to what the teacher says. How nice it sounds, such as employment package, you need to be more cautious.

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