How to Optimize the Agent Character in Valorant

Professional players know the game more, have in-depth knowledge, can create different tactics in the game, and can make full use of the abilities of each agent.

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Professional players know the game more, have in-depth knowledge, can create different tactics in the game, and can make full use of the abilities of each agent. No matter what tier of Valorant Accounts they are using, in the end, they will be able to complete the objective in the shortest possible time.

The main role of Portal Busters is to create space for their teams during site attacks. They need to clear as many angles as possible while the rest of the team provides utility assistance or follows the incoming kills for the kill.

Beginning fraggers should understand that they are playing a selfless role, and in doing so, they may have difficulties. However, if they don't play their role properly, it could very well do a lot of damage to the team's offensive performance.

Best Fragment Duelist

The best entry frag agents are those with gap-closing abilities that can be used to create space for the rest of the team. Playing as an entry agent will cost you almost all of your abilities. This means you'll have to rely on your teammates' other abilities to keep your late-stage planting.

Many players will probably rate Jett as the best agent because she can create so much space for the team. She can use her tailwind and updraft abilities to dash or fly over the enemy team's public structures. Agent Wind can even block the enemy team's vision and use her Cloud Burst smoke to cover herself.

Raze's Blast Pack has the same gap-closing ability as the Jett. If her bag is used properly, she can even cover more ground than Jeter. The explosive duelist can also use her Paint Shells and Boom Bot abilities to clear different angles before entering the field for her team. This will give her fewer angles to clear.

The Phoenix's overall kit is great for introductory hits. The agent's curveball can be used to clear multiple angles, his hot Molly is great for slicing throats, and his wall of fire can be used to create the cover. His Run it Back ult allows him to engage without risk, essentially turning the round into a six-on-five scenario.

Yoru is fourth because his teleport is closer to the gap, and his flash can also clear multiple angles. He ranks low on this list of agents because most of his abilities are better suited to solo play than team execution. His Dimensional Drift ult is great for gathering information, but it's hard to exploit because he can't shoot while using his ult.

Similar to Yoru, Reyna is lower ranked and her Leer flash is not as effective as the other duelists on this list, as it can be shot and disabled. If Reyna keeps getting kills every turn, she could be an excellent entry-level killer. However, she doesn't add value in terms of teamwork.

How to Stand Out in an Entry-Level Role

As an entry-level Slayer, there are three basic skills that Valorant players should focus on. They are Flicking, tracking, and speed; Cognition and perception; Precision

Flicking, tracking, and speed - The entry point requires figuring out how the defender is positioned. This is why crosshair placement is so important. By clearing every possible space, the player can determine the position of the enemy team. Practicing on Aim Lab will help you master all three of these skills.

Cognition and perception - Entry fraggers should envision how they entered the site. This includes their attack lines, where to defend, and what tools your teammates should use for you. Having a plan in place before each round starts makes the team more aligned.

Precision - The attacker's winning round is directly related to the success rate of getting into the fragger. The success rate of a site attack is greatly increased if the entry fragger wins their duel and vice versa. Defenders have a big advantage if the front fragger dies for free, and Entry fraggers should be technically savvy since they're playing the role of duelists.

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