The composition of product groups described as zinc chromate

must be taken into account (Adams et al., 1976). This apparently also worked Product use; simple paints mainly contain less dissociated products

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Zinc hydroxide chromate is a compound of zinc and hexavalent chromium. Zinc is a metallic element with atomic number 30. Its most common mineral in nature is sphalerite. While excess zinc is detrimental, zinc in small amounts is essential to life as it is a cofactor for more than 300 enzymes and is present in as many transcription factors. Hexavalent chromium refers to compounds containing chromium in the +6 oxidation state. Chromium(VI) is more toxic than other oxidation states of the chromium atom due to its greater ability to enter cells and higher redox potential.

Zinc chromate or zinc yellow (other synonyms in Table 1) are widely used, for example,

In the metal and printing industry. The Danish Product Register (PROBAS) lists, where

47,400 entries for 110 products containing zinc chromate such as paints, floor coverings, stains and corrosion inhibitors (Flyvholm 1991).

Slightly soluble zinc chromate (ZnCrO4, CAS No. 13530-65-9) and readily soluble

Soluble, skin corrosive zinc dichromate (ZnCr2O7, CAS No. 14018-95-2) now available

Primarily used only as a laboratory chemical. In addition, the formation of zinc chromate is

Expected to be used in the passivation of galvanized metal parts using alkali metal chromates

or alkaline dichromate (Fregert et al. 1970).

The term zinc chromate is used for a number of substances and mixtures (Table 1), where,

However, it is rarely defined precisely in publications. In addition to significant differences in the composition of product groups described as zinc chromate,

In particular, the various products have different solubility in water, so the chromate ion (CrO4

2–) and dichromate ions (Cr2O7

2–) publish

must be taken into account (Adams et al., 1976). This apparently also worked

Product use; simple paints mainly contain less dissociated products

ions (types II and III in Table 1), corrosion-inhibiting primers (chromate

Primer) (Burrows 1984) is made of zinc with potassium dichromate

The yellow types are more easily broken down into ions (IV and V in Table 1).

Except that many different products are included in the term zinc chromate

or zinc yellow, an accurate assessment of the sensitization of these products is not

It could be for other reasons too. Even in cases of contact dermatitis

Occurs only after handling zinc chromate, the content of potassium chromate or

Potassium dichromate is almost never available in the type of zinc chromate used, and,

Most importantly, the tests were not primarily done with the chromates that people use

has been in contact with or has been in contact with metal parts treated with it, but as a standard test

Petroleum jelly with 0.5% potassium dichromate.

With these limitations in mind, the observations listed below suggest that zinc

Chromate has a sensitizing effect.

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