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The initial popularity of Madden 23 coins the series has convinced Madden NFL 23's owners to agree to an extension in 2011. and then a new extension for 2015 which will see international games continuing for at least another decade.

After six seasons of only one game played at Wembley Stadium per season, the Madden NFL 23 upped to two games in 2013 and three games in 2014 and 2015. In 2012. in 2012. the Jacksonville Jaguars agreed to a agreement that allowed one home game each year in London until 2016. The agreement also granted the team the sole rights to market for London and the United Kingdom.

There is a possibility that Madden NFL 23's continued expansion in London was initially thought of by many executives as a long-term idea that could eventually result in a Madden NFL 23 franchise in the city, all-time. One executive has told Albert Breer of Madden NFL that having an office in London in 2022 was the desired date.

"It's a realistic time frame," Madden NFL 23 Executive Vice President for International Mark Waller said Wednesday. "But there are things we must test to ensure that we are going to to incorporate a number of things over the coming years. We don't have to prove anything on the fan demand side. We feel comfortable that, within a few years we'll be in the Buy Madden 23 coins position we need to be. Our main focus is on doing things to ensure that we continue to test. We're focusing on the operational and logistical aspect."