The Tang Dynasty of the Beginning of God

Moved for a while Zhong Qianxing and Li Zhu looked at me with tears in their eyes I patted

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Moved for a while Zhong Qianxing and Li Zhu looked at me with tears in their eyes I patted them lovingly on the head and said "It's not that Master is cruel You are still young Your parents and relatives will need you to take care of them in the future Be obedient!"! Do you know Master will miss you far away! Although I am not much older than them the feeling of being an Electronic Chemicals elder makes me love them all the more Erxiao nodded cleverly with tears in his eyes Zhong Qianxing said strongly "Master!"! Don't worry! When the stars grow up in the future they will carry forward the Xuanyuan School and never fail to live up to your expectations! Li Zhu hugged my body and sobbed "Master!"! If you have a chance in the future you must come back to see Green Pearl and Younger Martial Brother! Laughing I rubbed her head and promised "All right!"! If there is a chance Master will come back to see you! I thought about it and held Erxiao's body with a purple light leaving them some mysterious gifts that they might never understand "All right" said Qiu Tianhai the eldest brother with a heroic smile! It's not like we're leaving right now! Why is it like the parting of life and death Isn't the fourth brother going to Chang'an to marry our beautiful princesses Yesterday Lord Hu Zhengwei had already brought the imperial envoy sent by the emperor and yuanjia to pick up several princesses to the capital waiting for our son-in-law to prepare the betrothal gifts and go to marry them! The seven girls were ashamed but they looked at me tenderly with beautiful eyes I laughed and said "Yes!"! But since I have to take so many people away I really have to prepare for it! Let's do this! Uncle Fu please sell the property of Xiaoyao Firm as soon as possible and then use the money plus the money earned by Xiaoyao Firm in the past two years to buy grain cloth porcelain valuables as long as they are used buy them back for me! These things in our place can be very valuable in the future those things I took back to sell maybe barely able to feed my tens of millions of men … Right! And wine! We don't have these good wines to drink there I have to prepare a little more You can buy me as much as you have Except for leaving some for my parents who are filial to my second brother and third brother the rest will buy me all the wine of the Tang Dynasty! Uncle Fu nodded and patted his chest "Don't worry young master" he said! With the financial resources of our Xiaoyao Villa you just want to buy half of the Tang Dynasty and take it away! Everyone burst out laughing In the following days I first sent seven women to Changan and then use all the money to buy supplies into my bottomless pit of space in addition to the Xiaoyao villa under the sale of assets and when I used to be a thief God to plunder those huge property are used by me to buy more than enough to make people faint living supplies and as a reserve of some things you know Things that are not valuable in this era are invaluable in our era In addition to gold notes silver notes cash and copper coins such as gold and all kinds of jewelry and antiques GlobalChemMall which could be exchanged for large amounts of property in my time I also focused on buying these things that might appreciate The whole of the Tang Dynasty in a short period of time formed a benign dumping storm almost all of the shops and firms will be able to sell their own things are sold at relatively low prices the whole area of the central plains before long there was no goods to sell the situation a lot of money into everyone's pocket even in remote areas is also very profitable Chou Tianhai uses the influence of his Jiang Long Gang to buy anywhere they can reach When the merchants of the surrounding countries of the Tang Dynasty hear the news as long as there is a caravan of people buying under the name of Xiaoyao Firm the vendors all over the country will rush there desperately with their goods and sell their goods to them Of course the price is pressed again and again People buy everything If you sell it at a high price they won't dump you at all Are you afraid that no one can sell it It also allowed that money to buy more than I thought it would The strangest thing for businessmen everywhere is that so many unimaginable things have mysteriously disappeared without seeing them delivered which makes countless people puzzled After arranging these things I took two old thieves Szeto Feng and Xin Buji and took out all the treasures they knew and their collections Anyway even if I didn't take them those heartless grave robbers would dig them out and sell them abroad so I might as well be cheaper The cultural property accumulated in China for thousands of years is huge and almost terrible In the end I Paints and Coatings even began to consider whether it would cause the saturation of the jewelry industry and the antique industry if I sold these things after I went back not to mention the gold like a mountain in my space If I sold it it would probably cause the price of gold to fall sharply in the future The toilet bowl is also made of gold In a month's time I pulled the economy of the Tang Dynasty to its peak Under the super ability of the emperor the moving activities of Endless Mountain Penglai Fairy Island countless ancient beasts ancient beasts ancient demons demons and practitioners ended perfectly and left a strong mark on the mysterious underwater city In the future we will find it again in the future world The emperor placed the 6500 W "inhuman" guy on the ancient beast star reasonably Although the ancient beast star is a little too small for them it can barely accommodate them It seems that when I go back I will let Yindi help me expand the space as soon as possible I also secretly asked the emperor whether my taking away so many creatures and objects in such a big way would have an impact on the future world and history The emperor told me with a light smile "In the history of space and time mistakes will not happen and what happens will not be mistakes!"! Now that you have come to this time and space what you have done is reasonable If you don't follow your own ideas maybe it will really have an impact on the future history! Even if it does cause any impact the great wheel of time will guide it back to its right direction! I have to say that this answer has made me put down my restless heart Finally The last thing I did in Datang Marry a wife! ………………………………。