The legend of the gods in a foreign land

They were all masters of spiritual magic and undead art. How could they not know the terrible degree of magic used by the enemy.

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Hundreds of black-robed and blue-robed necromancers, led by a red-robed necromancer with a stick of human bone, stood quietly at the end of the stone bridge of the "Royal Family", and the leader of the Arras sub-altar of Naib religion was Van Fleet. But seeing his pale face and clear appearance, as if the tall and straight Xiuzhu stood upright and graceful, Xiao Shuxuanju's deportment stood out from the crowd against the background of many zombie-like necromancers. The necromancers were surrounded by triple ghouls, about two hundred of them. The ghouls seemed to have eaten the "aphrodisiac". They were restless and excited. Their ugly green faces were full of ferocious expressions. Their goldfish-like eyes were bloodshot, and even their pupils turned red. They roared uneasily in a low voice, their big mouths full of conical sharp teeth oozed sticky saliva, and their sharp claws kept scratching in the void, as if they might jump out and bite people at any time. When the ghouls noticed that two strangers had broken in, they made more noise, and some of them even rushed out of the line and rushed at me and the red leaves. Come back Van Vliet gave a clear shout. Whoo! The ghoul was unwilling to roar a few times, like a dog scolded by its master, turning around the team. Van Vliet walked slowly out of the procession, looked at me and Hongye with deep eyes, bowed slightly and said, "Van Vliet, the Lord of the Arras Altar of Naib Church, has seen His Royal Highness, the High Priest of Light Spear." Van Vliet, the leader of the Arras branch of the Naib religion, well,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, this old man looks much more pleasing to the eye than any necromancer I have ever seen before. Look at his manner, like a recluse and elegant man, without the evil breath and ugly and hateful face of a necromancer. I smiled and returned the courtesy, saying, "Lord of the altar is polite. Tian Changsheng is polite here." Van Vliet looked at the brilliant wrists and bright wings of the red leaves and asked, "Has something happened to the inspector?" Hongye snorted contemptuously and said in a resentful voice, "Even if that traitor dies ten thousand times, it's hard to understand my hatred!" A pair of wonderful eyes flashed like ice and snow. Hongye pointed his spear at Van Fleet and shouted,304 stainless steel wire, "And you abominable necromancers, who not only destroy the peace of the relic forest, but also enslave my people and disturb the sleep of the ancestors. You will end up like the traitor of Feiying." Van Vliet gave a wry smile and said in a loud voice, "When the nest is ruined, how can the eggs be finished?"! All the believers in the Altar of Arras are determined to die for their lives, and the Great God Naib is here! Your faithful devotees offer their humble lives to you! The stick in Van Vliet's hand knocked three times on the ground, and he shouted, "Do it!" As he shouted, more than two hundred ghouls, like wolves who had been hungry for a long time and suddenly found their prey, roared at us like a green tide. Dozens of celebrities in the ranks of necromancers drew complex magic arrays, colorful magic symbols flew between their fingers and around their bodies, and twelve magma giants and dozens of dark summoning creatures crawled out from under the lava floor of the "Royal Family". Whoa! Ten soul killers shook off their broad robes, and their slender milky white bodies flew across the void like flying fish out of the water, constantly changing their strange trajectories and rushing towards me and the red leaves. As soon as Hongye Xiumei raised her eyebrows and gave a low shout, the spirit of the priest flashed, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, the outstanding wrist, the bright wings and the guardian armor shone silvery white at the same time, and the spear in her hand jumped out of the light spear with huge energy. The three artifacts come together again, and the internal magic array interacts with each other, which can increase the user's fighting spirit and magic by more than ten times. In addition, after the happy last night, the spirit of the priest of Hongye was forced to break through to the lower level of 27 by me with colorful vitality. At this moment, the spiritual power in her body is equivalent to the level of five hundred years of cultivation of others. At this moment, the red leaves themselves are also very strong. I pulled the red leaves behind me, and the spiritual field forbade the space 20 meters in front of me for one sixtieth of the time. The ghouls, magma giants, dark summoning creatures and soul killers in the forbidden field all lost their ability to act and stood stiffly with teeth and claws, like a group of fake sculptures. Whew! With a low shout, my mental power flowed rapidly, and the time control technique, which I called the "eternal wheel", was launched in the forbidden realm. Quietly, ghouls, magma giants, dark summoning creatures and soul killers are aging rapidly, hair, nails and teeth are falling off, skin is changing from wrinkles to dry dead skin, dead skin is peeling off from the body into dander, bones of the whole body become bone powder after yellowing and decay, internal organs are horny, hardened and decomposed into particles, and blood is coagulated into particles. In the blink of an eye, for the creatures in the forbidden realm, it seems that after thousands of years, life from existence to non-existence, from birth to death, disappears in a moment, leaving only a visible dust. I took a breath and drew back my mental strength with a slight fatigue. My mental strength is only enough to maintain the forbidden field for a moment, and the "eternal wheel" lasting for ten seconds is the limit of my ability. The necromancers on the scene were shocked by the enemy's horrible means. They were all masters of spiritual magic and undead art. How could they not know the terrible degree of magic used by the enemy. No matter how they practice, mortals can't master time control. Only the Supreme God and some high angels can control time changes, and there are great differences in their abilities. After a while, Van Vliet exhaled a foul breath and whispered, "Time control!"! Who are you, Prince Norcarn of Wachinosen? The air and clothes that the necromancer breathed floated with a faint change of air, and the dust that ghouls, magma giants, dark summoning creatures and soul killers solidified in the air broke away and dissipated invisibly. With an evil smile, I said jokingly, "Van Vliet, the prince admires you very much. If you surrender to the prince as a slave, I will spare you and your men." Van Vliet said with an expressionless face, "I only believe in the great God Naib. His Royal Highness, even if the supreme God or the high angel comes, can't change Van Vliet's belief. I'm afraid it will disappoint His Royal Highness." I laughed and said, "Your Naib is a fake. The real Naib is my wife.". Last chance,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, surrender or die! Van Vliet's lean body shook and roared, "Whoever you are, don't slander Naib!" 。

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