Prehistoric World Leader Tongtian

from the mouth shape of Tai yuan, Li Zhainan still understands what Tai yuan said.

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Therefore, even if the proof is mixed yuan Dao Guo, for Tai yuan, the ladies of the Li family did not have the slightest indifference, but courtesy is quite comprehensive. Tai yuan's younger sister is here. We have lost the chance to welcome her. Forgive me, forgive me! Xuanming led a group of sisters out slowly, a few steps came to the front of Tai yuan, holding Tai yuan's slender hand, with a sincere greeting to Tai yuan Dao. As the former head of the Xuanwu clan and now the number one hostess of Jinao Island, Xuanming is far more generous than Li Huang in dealing with people and things. Although saw the day Xuanqin on the body of Tai yuan, Xuanming was able to suppress the doubts in the bottom of his heart, did not immediately open his mouth to ask, but pulled Tai yuan to greet affectionately. Sister Xuanming is serious! The younger sister came uninvited and was abrupt. Please forgive her sister Xuanming and all the sisters. Another compartment of Tai yuan, busy interface response. When old friends meet again, it is a good courtesy. Immediately, Xuan Ming had already pulled up Tai yuan's slender hand, and the two of them went in side by side. Behind them, the ladies of the Li family surrounded them, just like the stars holding the moon. Seeing a kind of sister is still very enthusiastic, but more and more perturbed in the heart, parents short, and casual polite for a long time, Tai yuan finally can not bear the suffering of the heart, got up and came to the front of Xuanming, a bow to the ground,tape measure clip, "Xuanming sister, and all the sisters, Tai yuan sorry you, especially to apologize!" "Apologize?" Including Xuanming, all the ladies of the Li family were stunned and stared at Tai yuan in a daze. After their faces changed for a long time, they looked at Tai yuan's eyes and became strange. [Chapter 255 of the main text.] Vertical and horizontal book sea words are big and good-looking, protect your eyes, the development of things, is beyond the expectation of Tai yuan. After the complaint of blood and tears,Fish measuring board, the ladies of the Li family had no reaction, neither angry nor sad. That look, how to give people the feeling seems to be listening to the story, but also listen with relish! Could it be that the gigolo's popularity has been so poor? How could the ladies of his family not care about his life or death? Yes! Look at the situation, Xuanming and others have moved to the depths of chaos for many years, but the gigolo ran up the Kunlun Mountains alone, not even a servant girl to serve, leaving only a calf demon to follow. It must be that the gigolo was swept out of the house by Xuanming and other sisters! Thinking of this, Tai yuan only felt sad in his heart, not for himself, but for the small white face who had mostly gone up in smoke. Although I don't think that guy is very pleasing to the eye, but when I think about it, the gigolo has not done anything that God and man are angry and angry, but also saved his own life. Although the small white face is not as tall as himself, the small white face is only more than three million years old, but it is also gifted. Such a gifted little monster, if the luck is a little better, Hun yuan Avenue is not out of reach. Now, Surveyors tape measure ,cattle weight tape, but because of their own drag and die, which makes Tai yuan how not to feel guilty! At the same time, to Xuanming this group of sisters, also a little more resentment. Usually, looking at their husband and wife is full of love, unexpectedly, it is so! Know a man's face but not his heart! When Tai yuan's mind fluctuated, Xuanming had already opened his mouth, "Sister Qinglong, you contact your brother again, I want to ask him what's going on?" With a light answer, Qinglong immediately shook his hand and took out a simple bronze mirror. This mirror is not something else, but the Ruyi Mirror, which was originally used by Qinglong to look after the Treasure Pavilion. This mirror, there is a pair of children, although it is a congenital thing, in fact, it does not have much function, but the two mirrors can sense each other synchronously, from the other mirror to show the things in front of each other. And when Qinglong is so strong, even if he is now in the depths of chaos, he can get in touch with Li Zhainan, who is far away from the flood and famine world. Hearing Xuanming's words, Tai yuan was greatly surprised. How come they can still get in touch with that gigolo? Isn't it already separated? Besides, that gigolo should have been scared out of his wits, right? Just when he was surprised, he felt a violent fluctuation of magic power ahead. So strong! It seems that it is much stronger than its own magic! Presumably, this Qinglong sister has already stepped into the threshold of the realm of mixed yuan with one foot, right? Just as I was thinking about it, I saw that the bronze mirror was floating in the air in an instant, and it turned into a square circle of about ten feet in size. A figure in the mirror turned from empty to solid, and finally, it was already lifelike and vivid. After seeing the face of the man in the mirror, Tai yuan was so surprised that his mouth was slightly open and his eyes were wide open, just like a toad who swallowed a goat in one mouthful, and he rolled his eyes vigorously. Are you, aren't you, dead? Looking at Li Zhainan in the bronze mirror, Tai yuanqian's hands trembled and his voice choked. He was excited for a long time before he opened his mouth and said. In the bronze mirror, Li Zhainan obviously just woke up and rubbed his sleepy eyes. As soon as he looked up, he saw Tai yuan pointing at himself in the bronze mirror opposite. Although this Ruyi mirror can only transmit images synchronously, from the mouth shape of Tai yuan, Li Zhainan still understands what Tai yuan said. You're dead! Your whole family is dead! Li Zhainan, like a rat thrown into the frying pan, jumped up and jumped back to scold. Just after taking a nap, when he was sleepy, he suddenly felt a change in the mirror in his bosom. He thought that all the women in his family were thinking of him again. Delighted, Li Zhainan opened his eyes, but he was seeing the unlucky words of Tai yuan. The expected Little Red Riding Hood suddenly turned into a wolf grandmother, but also dare to speak ill of themselves, Li Zhainan naturally felt uncomfortable, so he did not hesitate to fight back immediately. Seeing Li Zhainan's reaction, all the ladies of the Li family who looked on all covered their mouths and snickered. It turned out that the first time I saw Tai yuan take out Tian Xuanqin, Xuanming and others had the same reaction as Li Huang, that is,Horse weight lbs, did this Tai yuan have such an affair with her husband? Because of this, when Tai yuan just began to complain about blood and tears, all the witches in Li's family looked like they were watching a play.

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