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My wish is that this does not happen again. I'd like to think that when Jaguars worked to get this kind of cap space

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Donna Stella

The most critical point is likely turn out to be madden nfl 23 coins Christian Kirk, I get it. The contract is in part a huge leap of faith that he'll become a top No. 1 receiver. It also implies that a team as bad as Jacksonville must pay more for big-name free agent. The way the deal is constructed is actually very fair, and won't hinder the team's long-term success even if the gamble does not result in a return.

My concern, as it's been with Jaguars free-agents in the past the issue is that they went for an emphasis on quality over quantity in a time when the franchise is really in need of quantities. It's not Kirk but it's Kirk And Scherff AND Fatukasi AND Olukun, which has left the Jaguars with about $10 million in Space (give an amount). I really would have preferred for the team to aim at two of these players and attempt to pick one or two players for the same cost that the other.

In many ways, it feels like free agency 2017. and that's a bad thing. The Jaguars invested heavily in the area too, signing Calais Campbell, A.J. Bouye, Barry Church and traded for Branden Albert. They were at the time seem as the "big success stories," however, while they took them from 3-13 to a 10-6 within a few minutes but they crashed to the earth due to the fact that they did not have the depth.

My wish is that this does not happen again. I'd like to think that when Jaguars worked to get this kind of cap space , they wouldn't go so hog wild in the belief that they're two or three pieces away from winning, rather as a cellar dweller having to work towards success slowly. I'm not sure if Jacksonville can be called a win or even a loser -it's more that I'm anxious.

I absolutely love the things the Bengals did on the first day. My fear was that this team would to exceed its limit on big acquisitions like Terron Armstead, or J.C. Jackson. Instead, the Bengals did smaller, smart deals that make them immediately more efficient, and also give them they have the ability to invest even more going forward.

G Alex Cappa, 4 years, $35MC Ted Karras, 3 years, $18MRe-signed DT B.J. Hill, 3 years, $30M Cappa and Karras are immediately starters on an offensive line that is in disarray. Hill was a shining spot on defense who deserved to buy madden 23 coins be signed again. And most importantly: the Bengals remain with $21 million to play with.