World of Warcraft: Legacy loot rules

World of Warcraft: Legacy loot rules

Posted 4 years ago in Science and Technology.

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World of Warcraft, as an excellent work produced by Blizzard, has always been loved by the majority of players. Previously, Blizzard had enabled the use of WOW Classic Gold old loot rules for Legion dungeons and raids. This change made variant farming easier.
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On the stage of the Battle for Azeroth, most legion dungeons and raids are also likely to be solo. The key problem is that even if the boss is killed, it may not be looted, and when the looting does disappear, this is only one item. This approach is obviously difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, we need to enable the old-style loot rules to ensure that all leaders drop loot, and the assault leader drops 5 items per person, so that a single player can get a great return.

Here is another exciting reason. Unlike the battle with Azeroth, the Legion still has a class-specific level set. Some people think that with "Battlefield", "Island Adventure" and other resources, the game still has many options, but this is not the case: there is no raid action in each class, which makes many players feel very disappointed by their transmog options . Of course, all players except hunters. We are used to being disappointed by the transmog option.

In addition, under the current global epidemic situation is also becoming serious, what Blizzard has done can make it easier for people to isolate at home, which is also very helpful for controlling the epidemic. At the same time, more and more players are joining, which also allows Blizzard to learn more about the needs of WOW Classic Gold For Sale players, thereby making the game more rationally improved. Finally, I hope Blizzard can make World of Warcraft better and better, and give players more good gaming experiences.