The whole process of the heist requires players to invest in many aspects

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Posted 2 years ago in Science and Technology.

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Successful Heists require players to carry out sophisticated planning and coordination and cooperation among team members. They must not blindly rush into other people’s bases to release AOE damage skills but should proceed with caution. If the player does trigger the alarm, all the items they looted before will lose and they cannot earn POE Currency to maintain subsequent game activities.

Once the thief done, the player should be ready to fight. The combination of tense stealth segments and heartbreaking escapes promises to make this new content exciting. Players can choose and customize 13 different Rogues to use in their heist. This is critical because all kinds of looters will require players to change their teams so they can bring the most optimized thief for each type of looter.

For example, in the case of a robbery that needs to focus on demolition, another robbery may need to focus on fetching. Players can only carry one thief among regular looters, so they should make sure they have the right thief to do the job. At the end of each robbery, the taking part Rogue will gain experience, and players will find items that can equip for Rogue to change and improve skills.

When players are exploring the map, they may find treasures hidden in an area. If they want to carry out a robbery, they must ensure that the alarm level is not too high during the entire process because that will attract too many guards to arrest the players and team members. And there are all kinds of enemies and traps waiting for them.

One word of advice, players should focus on the quality of the looted items, not the quantity. The value of items is directly proportional to the number of rewards they can get. Before all actions begin, it is a clever choice to Buy POE Orbs to get some items that will help the robbery, rather than being caught by the guards and not getting anything.