To donate a fossil to the local museum

To donate a fossil to the local museum

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Interactions are gentle and, every now and then, deliberately clunky. To donate a fossil to the local museum, you have to search for a star-shaped hole inside the ground. Then, you dig inside the space with a shovel. After, you trek across the map to attain Main Street, and the Museum at its some distance end. Blathers the Owl, its curator, repeats the same traces he did yesterday and the day before that, before you could sooner or later reach a talk menu to get the fossils assessed.

After they’re assessed—and most effective then—can you once more attain a menu in which you can donate the artifacts, or excuse yourself to sell them for a profit. You should undergo this sequence every single time you need to assess or donate a fossil. Routine can’t be rushed or exploited in the game, as evidenced with the aid of the patchy landscaping of a metropolis if a player wears the grass away through frequent sprinting.