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If you liked these songs, they'd soon be replaced with RS gold your previous favourites. The repeat function would become your best friend. The songs will later turn nostalgic, and listening to them now brings back those wonderful memories.

Random NPCs would show up with unique items, and transporting you to a spooky location. These were called "random actions". You might have forgotten that there was mime ones as well as Evil Bob. These would make you stand out among your peers and help you increase your skill. These events are a benefit to Runescape.

Attaining the highest level of combat will be your primary goal. Your goal is to become the best fighter against tougher Runescape players as well as NPCs by increasing your Strength Defense, Attack, and Defence levels. You can become a member to take on the Duel Arena or Wilderness, Pest control, and many other mini-games later. There was so much to do in Runescape There was always something to try.

You can even entertain yourself by simply reciting your fishing level while you catch swordfish or lobsters in the Musa Point or Karamja. It was a lengthy journey to and from Port Sarim, Draynor Village's bank (as it was the nearest) and walking back to Port Sarim with your fishing supplies bought at Gerrant and paying the 30gp fee to go to a desert island in order to fish. It was a long process to fish for swordfish and lobsters using the Harpoon. Then, you could sell them for a fair price to make an income.

Maybe you were a miner and you would visit Al Kharid or the Dwarven Mine to excavate rare ore, then melt them in a furnace and cheap RuneScape gold create items for people to buy.