Influence From 2000s Skate Shoes For The New adidas I2000

Influence From 2000s Skate Shoes For The New adidas I2000

Posted 1 year ago in Cars and Vehicles.

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In the past few years, Adidas has gradually expanded the range of skateboarding products, not only providing skateboarding shoes for geniuses like Taishan Jones and legends like Mark Gonzalez. But many of these brands are quite low-key in terms of design, and the brand's latest product, ADI2000, actively opposes this approach, and it has been affected since the 21st century. DC, ETNIES, Osiris, etc. are all sources of inspiration for ADI2000, which are completely different from any products released by Three Stripes so far. Below, its tools are built at the height of the platform, and the white structure perfectly matches the huge volume above. And the upper is also built for skating, combining mesh, suede, and leather in black, blue and white with a strong hit. The fat shoelaces, the padded tongue/heel, and the retro logo are all effective odes to this decade.

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