How many different ACNH Bugs will there be in ACNH Items?

Animal Crossing New Horizons has a total of 80 different bugs to collect.

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After Animal Crossing New Horizons' November 2021 free big update, the Animal Crossing Bug List has grown from 72 to 80. There are many kinds of bugs, including Agrias butterfly, Ant, Centipede, Evening cicada, Hermit crab, Long locust, Orchid mantis, and Tarantula, etc. If you do some research on the ACNH Bug List, you'll find that cockroaches found in your home are the only bugs you can't catch. With the purchase of Cheap Animal Crossing Bells, you can get a full Bug poster. In addition to ACNH Bells, Animal Crossing Gold also plays an important role in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing Bug List



Catch bug month

If you have a plan for catching bugs. Our players can catch all bugs in 4 months. You will see most bugs from March to June. For other bugs that cannot be captured on the island, players can switch between the northern and southern hemispheres to capture them. When you encounter off-season bugs in the southern hemisphere, according to Bug Guide Animal Crossing, you can travel to the northern hemisphere to complete the bug hunting program. It's legal. Considering the number of uses and catching bugs, I recommend using the golden net.



Catch bug time

If you catch the season of Bugs Animal Crossing. Then you also need to pay attention to the specific time of day when the bug appears. Different kinds of bugs appear at different times of the day. The Great Purple Emperor appears from 4 am to 7 pm. Queen Alexandra's Birdwing is available from 8 am to 4 pm, and Mole Cricket is available throughout the day.

Successfully caught the bug


Capture bug location

Different ACNH Bugs prefer different locations.  The sky, flowers, rivers, and ponds are all places you need to look carefully. Peacock Butterfly likes to fly near blue, purple, and black flowers. Pondskater likes to be found in rivers and ponds. Tiger Beetle likes to be on the ground. Blue Weevil Beetle likes to be seen on palm trees.



Catch bug weather

Every Bugs Animal Crossing has its favorite weather. Different island weathers have different bugs. Animal Crossing New Horizons has two types of weather: rainy and sunny. Giant Water bugs, Rice Grasshopper, and Wasp can appear in any weather. Man-Faced Stink Bug, Madagascan Sunset Moth, and Cricket will appear in weather other than rainy days.

Animal Crossing Sunny and Rainy



Except for the off-peak season when you need to pay attention to bug hunting. Some ACNH Bugs need to meet certain conditions before they can be seen. Meaning. some bugs won't be generated in the game until the player catches a certain number of bugs. For example, some rare beetles will not spawn until the player has caught at least 100 bugs in total.  Our ACNH items on also sell Artisanal Bug Cage, Gold Bug trophies, and Bug plaques.  If you also like to study bugs, get started! As a professional trading site, we also offer Buy Animal Crossing Items, ACNH Gold, and Nook Miles Tickets Buy services. Professional customer service consultant, 24/7 online service.