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Needle: You need tanned hides if you want to OSRS GP work with needles. For the fact that you must be in a bank. In addition, the top players purchase hides from GE instead of tanning them by themselves due the time it takes to get to the tanner. When at the GE why not get needles there? The Army Axe eliminates the need for thread. You'd still need to purchase it. After creating, just put the needle down - no bank space wasted.

Tinderbox: you have to use the log option in order to use it, unless you wish to right-click. It's better for your wrists and fingers to be able of clicking in both directions and for that alone it's worth purchasing a tinderbox. Chisel: This might be helpful for you, but I'd rather have roughly 20 chisels of normal size in my account for simple replacement. There's no way to purchase a second Army Axe for a placeholder in your bank.

I'm finally getting the hang of it of keying that is adapting to my low score and trying to figure out what to do in the worst-case scenario to protect door priority, but this is the time to get a real-time practice of keying and see my "true" times with the perfect team.

Before you say anything though i key an average of 25-27 minute average in 3bo however what i have observed is that there are still certain people who are unable to digeoneer effectively, for a variety of reasons, including because they're not paying attention, or aren't willing to auto gate or something similar to that, or being nervous and relying on keyer too excessively.

I've noticed 110+ requirements as well , but i do understand the reasons behind this, however my goal is to to key sub 20 floors, and i really want to learn to key... So is there another solution to find a location where i can properly key? or wait for 110 dunge , and buy OSRS gold the host floors to 110+?

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