Special Occasion Dresses for Graduation Day

Maybe some people can remember the day we dropped off our little child at pre or primary school.

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They were all excited and nervous, new haircuts and uniforms far too big, and also you were equally nervous and fearful that they were leaving you. As parents and carers of these students in education, no matter age, there comes a period when all that effort needs to be acknowledged and it's our last opportunity to have our "proud mum moment!"

Graduation and "Passing out Parades" or ceremonies are held throughout every season depending on the university. They can be done in a more formal manner in which the process, which goes back to around the 12th or 13th century. They can be spoken entirely in Latin and graduates need to attend online tutorials to assist them to understand what on the planet to do at the time! Newer universities still consider this an essential ceremony but would rather conduct it in English – making it easier for everybody, however, smart dress codes still have to be observed.

So What About Your Special Occasion Dress

This will be a good time for all of us to think about both you and your special occasion outfit and just how it fits into the day for wearability, comfort, photo opportunities, and hopefully a dress-up costume that you could use for much more special occasions to follow along with. Fortunately, caps and gowns aren't a necessary addition to your wardrobe but at Compton House of Fashion we now have an amazing selection of wearable and flattering special day dresses in hats or fascinators to enhance the whole search for you.

One designer that people love for these super-special occasions is Condici where effortless style meets comfort and flattering lines. Condici happen to be well known for his or her mother of the bride dresses. The Georgina outfit showed within a fresh and trendy navy and pink crepe and ruched fabric with a soft, rounded "Bardot" neckline. It is a forgiving comfortable design all completed having a beautiful diamante embellishment in the waist – this, we feel is, a special day outfit that's an absolute winner for your special graduation day! Here

Special Occasion Hats & Fascinators

Thoughts have to now visit FeelTimes and people all-important accessories with this fabulously wearable outfit along with a good place to begin has got to be in the top! The hat could be the one thing that completes this look and that which you choose can be you – there aren't any rules here, choose comfortable and flattering colors and designs.

Special Occasion Bags & Shoes

And finally, shoes and bags are a vital addition to create your whole look together and we now have such a lovely selection of both these accessories to enhance your completed look. Comfortable shoes in beautiful soft pinks and stunning blues, embellished and matching neat and usable bags to stow away those essential items, ideal for this special day!

Graduation day is an exciting event in a student's as well as their families calendar, the effort has repaid, they made it through Freshers Week, lectures, launderettes, and dubious housemates and they're now prepared to step out into the Big World and it's your opportunity to celebrate, but it's also your time and effort to look stunning and become a proud Mummy too!

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