Can you say that I like "Star Wars: The Old Republic"?

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Posted 3 years ago in Gaming.

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I really like not playing with anyone in "Star Wars: The Old Republic". Given that this is a massively multiplayer online game, this sounds scary, but this is what I have always done. It's not that I hate others, or that I am eager to play a Sith Lord who hates people (even though I am a Sith Lord who hates people), I just want to be the only hero in the "Star Wars" story, thank you. Everyone else can back down. I like "Star Wars: The Old Republic".

SWTOR has always understood that many people want to play because they want to experience "Knights of the Old Republic", not because they are keen on grouping with a large number of strangers. This is why SWTOR has always included a long and tortuous storyline for each character class from the beginning of the game. A single player story experience in a massively multiplayer world-a two-sided game. These single player clips are well dubbed, with and dialogue options, companions and romance. They were very impressive when they were released in 2011, and they are even more so now.

In the most recent expansion, they really took off: Knights of the Fallen Empire (2015) and Knights of the Eternal Throne (2016). They tell the story of an immortal Sith lord Valkorion and his rider, who inevitably needs to stop. Valkorion is still one of the best "Star Wars" bad guys I have ever met, I mean, this is someone who is addicted to books and games and movies. His nuances are extraordinary and powerful, and he takes the story into a place deeper than the evil that only needs to be burned with a lightsaber. I have written more books about Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne. In some aspects , they are really great, much like playing an indie game by yourself.

However, these expansions were four years ago, and I have never participated since then. Then I saw the game finally appeared on Steam last week and was excited and reinstalled. In fact, all Steam does is download the launcher for you and allow you to play the launcher. You still need a separate (free) SWTOR account to log in. Does this mean more trouble instead of spending money? In any case, I will use to make the game more exciting.