Animal Crossing: New Horizon added Mario-themed merchandise this month

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Posted 2 years ago in Gaming.

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To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario, Nintendo will add Mario-themed items to Animal Crossing: New Horizon. The developers announced today that the new content will be released on February 25.

The video also highlights that the Able Sisters store will carry some fashionable clothing for players to wear during the Festivale. More importantly, the new update will also enable players to integrate into the holiday spirit by getting new reactions around dance. Animal Crossing: New Horizon also recently revealed that it seems that a new Mario-themed seasonal event will be held, possibly to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. Although it has not yet been confirmed what the upcoming event is, many players hope to Buy Nook Miles Tickets see Mario-themed items returned to Animal Crossing.

The update includes the iconic clothing of Mario and Luigi, as well as items such as Bowser flags and building blocks to make the island feel more coordinated with the bearded plumber. The trailer released by today's press explores various possibilities in an impressive way, from classic dungeon-themed items to costumed villagers. This update will be provided for free.

Nintendo tried the update earlier this year, although it was released earlier than expected. Animal Crossing: New Horizon will continue to hold game events throughout the year to keep the game fresh. Earlier this week, the players had a carnival. The game was launched in March last year and became a cultural phenomenon-partly due to its coincidental timing and the pandemic blockade on a global scale.

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