What is the reason you didn't share with us all your statistics?

What is the reason you didn't share with us all your statistics?

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What is the reason you didn't share with RS Gold us all your statistics? In any case, complete rune, Neitz, Dragon scimi/long if you're lazy, a regen brace or when you are feeling like dying in barrows gloves(Obtaining the items by culiamancers won't be a problem) and questing alot (In this case , just use Scimi) you can get barrows gloves, dragon boots being that you're just one level remaining, joy, Obby Cape, dragon def., RoW/Zerker if you really want it.

Okay, about a week ago I decided to stop playing RuneScape because I was tired of Jagex simply being a rubbish company. However, I still think the game (and community) is alright. This is why I'll be renewing my membership (expires on 25th April) before deciding whether or not to come back.

I'm completely broke. I've sold everything of worth on my accounts when I decided to give up - and I want to make money like an NORMAL PLAYER. I'm not planning on grinding any of my items. I'm planning to grind herbs and the Kingdom of MISC. DO NOT SUGGEST THIS. Basically, I want an opportunity to earn money, and that means playing the game as a regular player. So, no PK'ing, no merchanting/flipping, no dicing etc. Does anyone have an idea of what I can do, BESIDES SLAYER. Slayer is what I do at my own leisure whenever I'm in the mood. This isn't often, however I'll try it.

Okay, I'll follow the system I discussed on the first blog post, however, I will try to get barrows' gloves and a Berserker. Now my next question is what kind of armor should I get to fight bandos? You can also borrow claws to take on your adventures. You could also get an afghan torso, and use the BCP money to purchase claws. V helms are only used for solo'ing or tanking.

Don't believe the rumors about Ktop Also, you've said you have teams of 5-6 players and that's about a 1/6th chance of the magic minion smacking you. Be careful with the ktop. I think the strength of Buy OSRS Gold bandos is greater. Finally, I'm not aware of your level of prayer/herb. AT least piety is an absolute must. If you're ~70 herb, you could probably get an 88'ish herbal lore using 40M. Extremes+6? could it be from bandos.

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