This presents cards for stars of the Past

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While Christmas Day brought Mut 21 coins Ultimate Team lovers plenty of cheer in the form of gifts and brand new player cards, there's still more on the way. On Saturday, December 26, fans can anticipate a number of new items including the latest Madden 21 Ultimate Team Legends content. It will consist of former Madden ’07 cover superstar Shaun Alexander, giving players another great halfback option.

On Christmas Day, MUT gamers could open up in-game presents for various player cards for example Ghosts of Madden. There were also challenges to rack up Snow and purchase more items. Later in the afternoon, EA's Madden Ultimate Team Twitter dropped a big reveal, using a new 97 OVR Shaun Alexander card. It features 97 Break Tackle, 96 Acceleration, 95 Speed, 94 Carrying, and 94 Trucking, amongst the key attributes.

Later in the day, the second Madden 21 Ultimate Team Legends player came in a Twitter reveal. It's none other than former New York Giants defensive star Michael Strahan, who's now known for his TV hosting. The new Strahan Legends card includes 97 Power Moves, 96 Tackling, 96 Block Shedding, 94 Strength, and 89 Speed attributes to give those Mut 21 coins for sale defenses a serious boost.

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