What are the functions of activated carbon powder

What are the functions of activated carbon powder

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A powdered carbon finds countless applications in the most varied fields, in water and air purification, in the sugar industry, in winemaking and so on.


In particular, activated carbon powder by adding water purification:


  1. For the removal of chlorine (exploiting the catalytic effect that favors the reduction of chlorine to chloride ion)


  1. For the elimination of unpleasant odors and flavors (by absorbing the organic substances that give them their origin)


  1. For the elimination of pollutants (by absorbing them) such as chlorinated solvents, insecticides, pesticides, detergents, etc.


  1. For filtration (exploiting its filtering power)


The activated carbon bed also has a mechanical filtering action similar to that of sand filters. chinactivecarbon However, it is necessary to take into account that on activated carbon filters it is better to carry out the least number of backwashes possible.


It would help to avoid mixing of the bed that brings polluted coals. The saturation of porosity because of the adsorption action remains incomplete with backwashing. Saturated carbon reactivation occurs through special heat treatment.


The operating parameters for the use of activated carbon vary according to the purpose they are for. The layer height of the bed typically remains between 80 and 120 cm. coconut shell activated carbon supplier In the case of de-chlorination, a minimum contact time of two minutes by increasing it is possible to obtain a longer duration of the carbon together with a lower pressure drop. In any case, with the same constitution of the filter bed, the effectiveness of the removal of pollutants increases as the water flow decreases.