How Pokémon BDSP Fights Glitch Cloning

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Posted 2 years ago in Gaming.

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Jonywell Butun

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) finally try to stop the duplication glitches. While the Pokémon franchise has been mired in technical issues and exploits from the start, the Gen 4 remake for the Nintendo Switch is horribly glitchy. However, the February 2022 version 1.2.0 update saw a major blow aimed at limiting the trade and use of duplicated Pokémon, which could hint at the future of Pokémon Home.

Pokémon BDSP's duplication glitch works much like the Void Glitch in the original Gen 4 game: players can overwhelm the game at specific locations on the map with a quick series of inputs, which basically affects how areas to load. However, the Pokémon BDSP's glitch works by overwhelming the game's menu system, which allows players to move Pokémon around their PC while keeping the original copy of the Pokémon in the same place. Despite multiple attempts to root out the problem, with each update release, fans continue to find new ways to circumvent prevention methods. The result of this is that shiny, highly trained, IV-bred, EV-trained, and legendary Pokémon (or all of the above) are massively replicated, reducing their value and making it nearly impossible for trainers who don't want to play online. may deceive.

Rather than trying to eradicate the problems that make duplication glitches possible, Pokémon BDSP turns its attention to what makes duplicating valuable: trading and online domination. A new method devised by the developers of Pokémon Home ILCA can now catch the appearance of duplicated Pokémon and ban them from trading, Global Rooms, and the Coliseum. Almost better than stopping duplication in the first place, this new method basically makes duplicated Pokemon pointless. Given that the ILCA is in charge of this new method of stopping cheaters, once the Pokémon BDSP is compatible with Home, the situation for these clones will likely be worse than they are now.

How Pokémon BDSP captures Duplicates

Players have discovered that the way ILCA tracks duplicated Pokémon is to look for specific qualities and identification numbers associated with all owned Pokémon. Whether these Pokemon are at a Player Party or the Day Care, the Pokemon BDSP can now check for clones at any time. If it is determined that some are, these Pokémon will be banned from basically all online games. Buy Cheap BDSP Items now!

Given that ILCA was responsible for the crackdown, fans can also assume that these bans will extend to transactions between Pokémon BDSP and Home once Pokémon BDSP and Home are compatible. This means that duplicated Pokémon, no matter how powerful, rare or cool, are essentially worthless and can only be used in the main game. Fortunately, neither the ILCA nor the Pokémon Company did this, so the original Pokémon was banned for clones, which means players will still have the opportunity to keep their favorite team member from the Pokémon BDSP with them in the future. There are BDSP Pokemon for sale.