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The magic attacks are low-level stat OSRS gold decreasing attacks, such as weaken and confuse. The ghost, upon defeat, will drop unholy leather. Go into the next chamber where there will ber a massive fire under the roots of the trees. Proceed to the west end of this room and you willl see a cage containing father uhrney.

Speak to dad uhrney and he'll tell you that you have to pay for the key. (If you inadvertently burn the key, there'll be a respawn in a chest in the east corner of this room.) "use" the unholy leather on the unholy key, and then use the unholy coated key onto the molten lock. This will free daddy uhrney, who will then extinguish the fire with a prayer. Talk to father uhrney and he'll tell you that they captured him to get a special package that he had for the priest at lumbridge, and he'll tell him that he sent the package to his good friend magician mizgog from the wizard tower after he heard his captors were coming for him.

Before you leave, dont forget to speak to the banana man! He'll provide you his promised 2k plusd another 30 for boat Runescape 2007 gold fares. Talk to magician mizgog and he will tell you father uhrney said you were coming. He'll provide you"wrapped Bundle. Duplicates cost 7.5k. Bring the package to the priest, who is awaiting you at the church.

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